Druidry Help needed

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Druidry Help needed
Post # 1
I know the basics of Druidry, But can someone explain to me more in depth the concept behind it and teach me about it. I am looking for someone to instruct me in it. fell free to message me
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Re: Druidry Help needed
Post # 2
If you're just looking for someone to teach you, I'm afraid I won't be of much use. The best teacher out there if yourself.

If your interested in Neo-Druidry, here are some links that might help you:

If you're more into reconstruction:
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Re: Druidry Help needed
Post # 3

Some of our focus is on dreams but not all. Druidry is a very nature oriented path. It is hard to find valuable information due to the fact practices and beliefs were spread by word of mouth. Most of what you find will be "Neo-druidry" as someone else pointed out some decent sites on it.

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Re: Druidry Help needed
Post # 4
You can join New order of druids online for free. free classes. also there are some good druid groups on facebook.
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Re: Druidry Help needed
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Your best teacher with Druidry is to read. There are a lot of books out there on the topic. Downside though is a lot of it isn't 100% accurate as during the change to Christianity most of what we knew about the druids was destroyed or lost. So most of what you will be learning is reconstructed and pieced together from recent research about the old Celtic religions.

Try your local library on books involving Celtic folklore and mythology, archaeological themed books on druids, Celtic oriented pagan books and etc. That would be a great place for starting outside of the internet. Though the sites from set up groves are always good too. They like to post information and articles that are credible to help those who end up with all the fluff from people trying to reconstruct the beliefs of the druids.

Good luck on your journey!
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