can you be a naturalwitch

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can you be a naturalwitch
Post # 1
I have learned many things about casting magic. im trying to learn how to enchant. my magic seems to be very strong although i am a beginner. im not a negative rh. i have many spells backfire and work. but im leaning away from casting i doont like to manipulate ppl at all. i dont want to harm my karma or theirs and i only do the magic for good things to happen. my question is how to enchant items to make them have luck and good energy to reflect and protect. an amulet i guess. i am doublebinded to an older more experienced witch. she has been doing this since birth. every generation in her family has been one. every female. i was wondering if she might be the source of my power. its scary bc i have noticed how naturally this all comes to me. i make my own spells and they work. which kind of scares me. i have native american in my blood. that could be a source as well. it just scares me. i have been very mindful of the cardinal cross and the energy in the cosmos right now. biblical proportions are happening right now. we need to be very careful bc everything we do now echoes into our future lives as well the karma associated with it. but like i said i knew what to do to focus my energy right away. no education what so ever. i read playing deck cards and they are accurate. i know whats going to happen for others almost instantly. its crazy. i had an eye opening experience last year and it just made me have a realization what i was all along and who i was. im a helper. i help ppl. so i am looking also for like minded individuals on here to make a coven with. those who have a natural gift for this stuff. ones who can understand me and what i am going through as a powerful beginner. thanks. any help is appreciated.
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Re: can you be a naturalwitch
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Introduce Yourself from Magic Items.
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Re: can you be a naturalwitch
Post # 3
I do not know. Some people have trouble casting while others have an easy time of it. i always figured it is just easier for some people to focus but there are rare instances I have seen some strange things from non practicing people. Its like they had power with no focuse what so ever just them and the environment around them. I suppose it sis possible.
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Re: can you be a naturalwitch
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Apart from gender there is nothing on your profile. So there is no way to judge your competence, experience, or your age. You might be a middle-aged adept, or a child with a vivid imagination. I suspect the latter.
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Re: can you be a naturalwitch
Post # 5
If I wanted to enchant something, I would cast a spell on it. Spells are the easiest for me, so I tend to use them in every aspect including healing by calling something out of someone and into the flame (hopefully it goes into the flame and doesn't hit me, it's still a learning process that I don't often use).
If your bound to this witch, maybe you should ask her if the energy comes from her?
If your connected to a "powerful" (I really don't like that descriptive word, it sounds arrogant) witch, why don't you just join her family and coven?
I have noticed many people with disabilities are good with the arts. They struggle in the real world with socialization, but the arts are surprisingly easy.
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Re: can you be a naturalw
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Not sure I understand some of the statements made above, but I would like to answer your question. Some people are pulled or connected to magick stronger than others. It may be that you have witnessed wonders and wish to know how these feats were acomplished. You probably lack access to the source that exposed itsele to you and found favour with you originaly. You have branched out and come here seeking guidence that can only be found within you. Patience is what you need to have to unlock those mysteries. Start with the basics. Just to make sure you are not denying yourself the opportunity to learn something new or reinforce your confidence in your abilities.
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Re: can you be a naturalwitch
Post # 7
Simple enough just infuse it with your energy for about a week 1hour a day(during this time increase meditation and intake of carbon hydrates and about a tea spoon oh honey a day to keep your energy up) then i`d choose appropriate symbol/ set of runes/ seal/ sigyl for what you want to achieve(luck, protection...) and place it(carve/draw/paint) on the charm. this should be done after a week and timed just right with a full moon because you will have to leave the charm over night to stabilize and full moon is by my experience best for that(although it could be just me, so try to find out under which condition your energy has a best response)
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