Alternative power sources

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Alternative power sources
Post # 1
Please, first of all, do not say anything about meditatng, for I never get anything. I am like a power man-whore. I always want to gain more. How can I gain a lot of progress with gaining power? For example, a guy on the internet only takes power from the trees, and the mother earth.
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Re: Alternative power sources
Post # 2
There is power everywher in everything and everyone, just tap some of that, easy as can be, just dont drain humans or animals without their consent, cause most people would find that rude
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Re: Alternative power sources
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Gaining "power" is no guarantee of gaining "progress". One is easy, the other takes time and effort to do.

As has been said, there is energy in everything around you. Many experienced practitioners draw on the energy in the earth below them and the heavens above them to help power their magical workings. But using such sources also means that you still need to know how to tap into them, how to gather them up, and how to focus and direct them towards your magical goal.

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Re: Alternative power sources
Post # 4
Why are you a power man-whore?

1:We may seek power to accomplish a magical task. The preceding replies addressed this very well. (Read Lark's bio - a good woman to listen to).

2:We may seek power because we feel insubstantial - like a smoke image that could blow away in the wind There could be an issue of something draining our energy, or a lack of being grounded could feel that way and be mistaken as a lack of power.

3:We may desire to wrap ourselves in power like a cloak so people will notice us. There may be some need to heal emotional wounds or simply develop emotional maturity and security.

4:We may have had experiences in which we felt totally powerless and, often without understanding why, feel compelled to seek all the power we can get. This doesn't apply only to magical power, it can be relational/political power as well, or wealth if we perceive money as power, or any other form of power.

There may be a hundred reasons to seek power. I only bring it up because examining our motives can help us clarify our questions and thus bring us closer to the answers we need.

I propose a thought - experiment:
Imagine you had all the power you want and more. The power of a Merlin, of a Christ, of a god. What would you do with it? What would your life look like? What kind of man would you become? How would you interact with the world and the people around you?

Some people believe there is only energy and intention, power and purpose. From such a perspective there is never a lack of power, but if we would set our purpose or intention well we must begin to listen to what one writer called, "The secret that sits in the center and knows."

Be Happy and Well
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Re: Alternative power sources
Post # 5
Draw power from all sources and store it up if you can without burning out.
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