Are mirrors evil?

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Are mirrors evil?
Post # 1
Are mirrors evil or protect you from evil,I just want to ask because I am putting a mirror in my room and I have a bad feeling about it but I also want someway to rid of evil in my life or evil spirits.
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Re: Are mirrors evil?
Post # 2
There are plenty of superstitions associated with them (it's bad luck to break them, they are portals to other worlds, and so on), but to say that they are "evil" I would personally say is incorrect. The item might have negative energy attached to it from a previous owner, but that can easily be taken care of.

Try cleansing it. Pass it through some incense smoke and visualize the smoke removing any energies or negativity attached to it. Say a chant, associated with your intent, as you pass it through the smoke if you think it'll help.
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Re: Are mirrors evil?
Post # 3

Mirrors orignally, aren't evil.

They can be used to reflect negative energy or send negative spells/hexes/curses back to the person who placed them on you.

But no, they aren't evil.

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Re: Are mirrors evil?
Post # 4
As the previous people who posted have pointed out mirrors are not inherently evil. As Vokun pointed out they can carry negative energies from previous owners. Any cleansing that you know can be used to remove those energies. I am of the belief that mirrors are portals through which energy and entities can move. That is why anytime I get a mirror or move into a place that has mirrors already there I "close" them. By this I mean that I trace an x over them with my index and middle fingers while imagining energy coming from them and creating a barrier over it. I then trace an x in sage or another cleansing/protective herb. You can say something like : "I close this mirror off that no negative energy or being may use it as an entry way. Only those energies and beings of the light may use it for entrance." Or you can even close it off just from all energy. Hope this helps.
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Re: Are mirrors evil?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
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