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Forums -> Misc Topics -> HowToMakeSuresb.IsIndigo?

Post # 1
I read about Indigo online and was suprised that... I was quite correspond to most of the characteristics listed in the pages I found. Like creative, rejected authority of authoritativeness when I think they're wrong, felt like came from another "world" and remembers why I chose this part of earth to born and "It is worth to come to earth! ", experienced profound sorrow for the suffering of another being, empathic and had vivid dreams that can sometimes affect your physical body in some way(like feel tired after using powerful magic in dream)
I tried an Indigo test( line, agreed to 23/25 questions and the result was 100% Indigo, 4% probably one and 0% not one, but I'm just not sure.
I wasn't so "electrically sensitive"(no street light went out), only seems to have a weak effect on randomize results a program produce,weak intuition(feel something terrible will happen almost every time before it happens,but can't feel how the thing would happen clearly), and the whole thing that I chose earth to live as a human-being to study about another world might... just my imagination. I'm not sure if these are only coincidences, and I'm just an imaginative, creative normal human with special characteristics.
I was born after 1992, and that's all I know. Is there any visible ways to make sure someone is an Indigo or not? Like something changes colour if an Indigo touch it? Or some more ways to identify an Indigo? I'm confused and I think I really need some help.
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Re: HowToMakeSuresb.IsIndigo?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Everyone has the traits of the so-called Indigo children. The whole concept was created by a couple of New Age writers in the 1990's as a way to make money. And they sold a lot of books, did a lot of expensive presentations, and basically made a bundle of money off the concept.

Then, not to be outdone, some other folks came along and created "Crystal Children" and "Rainbow Children" who are supposedly even more advance than Indigo Children. None of it is real. It was and is merely rubbish created to make money for those that thought up the idea.

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Re: HowToMakeSuresb.IsIndigo?
Post # 3
Some people think that indigo children are real, but from what I've read so far, the closest thing to an indigo child being real is if that person has an aura of a bluish purple color. Some think they're aliens, but the most logical explanation I've heard is that they've indigo auras and that's about it. I don't know much else. I guess it depends on how you define it. They say that there are cameras that take pictures of auras; I would look into that if I were you and see if it can snapshot your aura or maybe you can find other ways to determine the color of your aura. And they say auras can change color with your mood and life events, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, I don't know if you can be an indigo child and I don't think a personality test can determine that sort of thing.
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Re: HowToMakeSuresb.IsIndigo?
Post # 4
I believe Indigo's like the other color people are real, though you will find little real info out there on them. Indigo came accost as a way to describe personality traits more than a type A or B. I believe it's useful if done properly. Today, many people identify as some type of otherkin. It's not likely you will meet a true Indigo, or you won't know who they are when you do.
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Re: HowToMakeSuresb.IsIndigo?
Post # 5
I'll just try to sum this up in a list.
1. You cannot change the color of an object by touching it.
2. You cannot make street lights go out with your mind.
3. You are not an "indigo child" because they do not exist.
4. Plenty of young people feel alone or like outsiders; it is also very common for them to dislike authority.
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