Basic Healing Spell

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Basic Healing Spell
Post # 1
Hi, I'm Lord Arkadios, you may have seen me in chatter or in the forums here and there. Today I would like to share a spell that I have done in the past and also a bit of my knowledge. So let us begin.

Well let's go with a simple healing spell of the self. Let's say for instance you feel bad, like your stomach is upset and you feel awfully drained. Say you also have a headache with this. Here is what I have done and have been successful. It was not gone instantly, but in a matter of a few days.

Ingredients or what you need to make it work:

Able to Meditate
Able to Visualize
Able to Concentrate
Knowledge of Grounding
Knowledge of The Chakras/Energy points in your body.
Knowledge of Shielding(optional)

Steps for the spell:

Close your eyes and visualize your body and the chakras also known as your energy points. As you have certain places where you feel sick focus on those. As you see the energy of the sickness that appears as an irregularity or blockage in your energy pathways and points.

Now, imagine a light that to you that seems as healing, warm, vivacious, lively and healthy around you, yet on standby waiting for you to will it to start healing you.

Now, that you know where the sickly energy is, will that energy with your mind to be forced into the Earth as it will be recycled like plants take our carbon dioxide and give back oxygen for us to breathe. So you cannot harm the earth. So give it to the Earth force it down into the ground. As you see it go you will notice it will still try to stick to you, don't let it discourage you, keep using your will to force it out for it is not welcome in you!

Once you feel as you have cleared your energy points and pathways will the healing energy you set around you on the outside of you to come and heal and repair your energy pathways and points. Remember this energy is healing you. Furthermore, shield yourself after this to help fend off sickly and negative energy. This is not required, but it is to help you.

This will not be an instant relief. Repeat this spell for a few days and it should help you rid yourself of sickness. However, always consult your doctor in regarding sickness as I am not a medical professional.
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Re: Basic Healing Spell
Post # 2
Thank you.
My mum has been suffering from a frozen shoulder, she told me to try many times but since I've done it once she says she can move her arm to higher levels without pain.

Peace be with you.
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Re: Basic Healing Spell
Post # 3
Glad I could help. :)
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Re: Basic Healing Spell
Post # 4

Thanks Lordi :) This is a little different then the practice I use. I will repeat it over the next few days. Wonderful post ^_^

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