Petition Paper Dissolving

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Petition Paper Dissolving
Post # 1
I started a Vinegar Jar spell to break up a relationship. This is is my first Jar spell. Anyway I noticed that the petition paper is breaking up and dissolving. Did I do something wrong and do I need to restart it and dispose of the old spell Jar? It has been 3 days since I started it and the paper is broken to pieces.

Any suggestions welcome as well. I was thinking of a Honey Jar to go along with this so I can sweeten my Ex, We still talk and he says our relationship scared him and he is not into her as much as he was with me. I want him back and loved him very much. He was in my life as a friend for over 6 years and wanted to be with me but he was in a horrible relationship that I did not want to interfere with. When I gave him his chance after that break up he ran to this other woman that does not treat him all that well.

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Re: Petition Paper Dissolving
Post # 2
Your relationship scared him?
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Re: Petition Paper Dissolving
Post # 3
Well that is what he said! He said he was not used to being treated well by a woman and he is repeating his behavior with this woman. I did not cheat on him or fight with him and did not insult his body etc. All of this is happening again with this new woman.

My question is however about my petition paper and hope to find an answer.
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Re: Petition Paper Dissolving
Post # 4
It makes sense that vinegar dissolves paper so that's just normal. And usually objects related to a spell will mimic it's intention or the magic is from the object mimicking the intention so in that case you want the paper to dissolve. That's why it's vinegar in a jar to be used to end something. And people who are usually abused tend to get into abusive relationships and what you just told me provides flawless evidence and its interesting that he realized it (in a way), but he made the mistake of not doing something about it. But anyways it would be better if you had him realize the problem he's facing and that he will continue to follow the path of abuse until he and only himself pulls away from this chain of abuse.
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Re: Petition Paper Dissolving
Post # 5
I figured it was somewhat normal for vinegar to dissolves paper I just didn't expect it to go so fast. Like I said I am pretty new at this and hope I did this vinegar spell right. I put allot of different ingredients into it and added a few other items from a few vinegar spells. Some a little disgusting and I had to be creative lol.

I agree about the cycle of abuse and I hope I can help him to realize his problem. I just never thought I would be hurt by him in this way. And since I was being the nice one I thought this would end in my favor apparently I should have been a mean person go is silly that way isn't it!!!

I appreciate your help and am still considering a honey Jar and if you have any suggestions I am open to them.

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