Height decrease spell!

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Height decrease spell!
Post # 1
Well, I've been searching so hard for a way to decrease my height, and I am not able to find it. Magic is my last hope!
I know that magic can't chance my DNA and blablabla. But my grandma used to be 1,71 cm tall, but now she's 1,68. She never had any problem related to bones, but the age "decreased" her. I've been wondering if magic can do the same for me right now. Not changing my DNA, but speeding up the decreasing process. Three centimeters less means A LOT to me, truly. What do you think? Is a thing like that possible?

PS: I really ask you, PLEASE, no "accept yourself the way you are" speech. My height is something that really bothers me a lot, you don't know how it is. The same way you are not going to an morbid obese person saying "accept the way you are", you're not going to say that me that. You are not in my shoes feeling the way I feel. I just wanna you opinion if I can cast a spell like that. =)
Thanks for understanding me!

(Sorry my bad english!)
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Re: Height decrease spell!
Post # 2
No magic cannot change your height no one can maybe age can
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Re: Height decrease spell!
Post # 3
Magic works within the confines of science, spirit and nature so no, no spell will break down the cartlidge between the disc of your spinal column. Sorry but that is just how it is.
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Re: Height decrease spell!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The reason why your grandmother got shorter was because, not only old age, but lack of calcium causing osteoclasts to digest her bones causing her to shrink. She doesn't have to have a bone disease to get shorter, it happens naturally to all people as they age.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed by now, magic can not alter you physically, or at least to the extent you desire.

If you are so concerned about being shorter I suggest wearing flats or low heel shoes. No vertical stripes, slouch if you so desire. You can even consume less calcium, and drink more soda to increase osteoclast activity, but as that is detrimental to your health and can lead to osteoporosis I would highly disapprove of that method.

Finally, I will give you the, 'accept yourself the way you are' speech. Many people have an immense desire to be tall, it has become the new social 'fad' to be tall. People will wear dangerously tall heels, some even get surgery. Personally, I've never seen height as such a big deal, being tall myself I've seen more people made fun of for being short rather than tall.

I'm not entirely sure on your issue about it, so I'm not sure what kind of advice I can give you there than these basic facts, but I can assure you that if you're being teased by something so juvenile that you may 'hanging out' with the wrong people, I can also assure you that in the adult world your height will not be an issue.
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Re: Height decrease spell!
Post # 5
Magic can not do that, and trust me being tall is a good thing I would know I am the tallest person that any of my friends know, and have been the tallest person in my class for the past 9 years and im in the 9th grade, being tall only works in your favor, for instance did you know that tall people with healthy bones are as strong as most people who go to a gym everyday without even working aot (personal experience)
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Re: Height decrease spell!
Post # 6
I'm on the opposite end of the vertical spectrum. I'm very short. I understand your pain. Not only have I heard every single short joke my entire life but I also have to listen to my friends make fun of me on a routine basis. They think they are being funny but it gets really tiring to have to listen to especially when its something I can't control. Unfortunately, we can't alter our physical body with magic. If that were true, I would stretch myself out to at least reach 5'.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects think of what all is good about being really tall. You have a view point that everyone else does not.
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