probability, and outcomes

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probability, and outcomes
Post # 1
Hey everyone I just had an epiphany; when we work magic, depending on the types of magics we work, and the strength of our magic and spells. The effects of our spells can alter outcomes, probabilities, destinies, and fates. So in a way you could say that we alter reality itself? Is that to outlandish? If this is the case, then how would we be able to determine the affects or outcomes of our spells? Isn't there a natural order of things? Wouldn't altering this natural order be a bad thing? I'm not talking about karma, but the positive or negative affects of our interference. Let me know you're thoughts on this.
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Re: probability, and outcomes
Post # 2
I believe people send out there will power all the time. when we put our thoughts into the world we can change the outcome someone trying hard enough to get something could change there out come so there are already many possibility's for one person. its just natural for the future outcome to change.
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Re: probability, and outcomes
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I tend to not view it as altering fate, but contributing to it. You see, fate isn't something concrete in my path, but there are definitely things that happen for reasons.

Have you considered the possibility that what we do is a part of the natural order? In every culture, there are those that work with spiritual practices and beliefs (literally, every single one in history all over the world that we know of) and there is also the belief that every single being operates on all frequencies at the same time (see subtle body theory) even if only a few (proportionately to the masses) consiously realize what we are doing. With this belief, everyone practices whether they realize it or not (though I would like to note that this is not a universal belief). Personally, I find that practicing is alright so long as you take responsibility for your actions.

You see, the definition of Magickal practice is changing reality through our will. Obviously, there are physical limitations, but the work we do sets up a path for a specific outcome to happen through altering the subtle energies that permeate every physical thing. What we change on subtle planes can reflect physically, though you have to understand the physical limitations.

To look for outcomes of your work, you have to be open minded about how that outcome could manifest, what else could effect it (and there are lots of things that could effect it), allow for time to manifest without micromanaging, realizing that Magickal practice is an aid to physical action, not a substitute, and furthering a point mentioned earlier, realizing that you are but one of many living and dead beings that make up our realities. Always, always, always account for an X factor or a variable because we cannot control everything like we can in physical science experiments because we cannot measure subtle energy. So even if something is legitimate, it will not work 100% of the time and will not work the same way every time.

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Re: probability, and outcomes
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Personally, I find these important points when learning spell casting that don't involve actual methods of casting (and are often overlooked).

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Re: probability, and outcomes
Post # 5
A) magic has no power difference, but simple mistake that most make
B) it is the way that things have been for a really long time, it sort of is the natural order
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