Karma and Drugs

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Karma and Drugs
Post # 1
Okay so I've been doing all kinds of research about this kind of stuff the past few months. I remember reading when you do black or grey magick then it might reverse and something bad might happen to you? Something related to demons I think, too? So if you casted a spell to increase your income or something, then maybe a few days/a few weeks later it'll reverse and something bad might happen to you. Is this true? I've noticed lots of things lately, karma, I really do believe it exists, even the littlest forms of it. I've been in tons of situations where I've noticed that some things might be karma on my part. Also questions to you guys: Do any of you do drugs? I think lots of drugs (if not abused) can open gateways in the mind that make them think more clearly and be able to notice things and do spells better. I'd like to hear some of your experiences with drugs
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Re: Karma and Drugs
Post # 2
I don't do drugs. karma is the after affect of something yes but it isn't actually a force that makes something random happen to you because you did something bad it is all the effect from what you did

(example of real karma) if you punched someone in the face at work you would be fired.

(example of stereo typical karma) if you punched someone in the face at school you would have a bad hair day.
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Re: Karma and Drugs
Post # 3
Drugs can help you enter altered states and trances, but you should not rely on them, regardless of some new-agey concept of karma. There are so many better, healthier ways to induce altered staters.
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Re: Karma and Drugs
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I would not advocate the use of drugs for altered states, especially on a site filled with teenagers (and more, but mostly teenagers). If you want to look into opening your mind without drugs, look into altered states of consciousness and how to achieve them.

A bit about Karma.

You are speaking of the concept of what goes around comes around. It is not found in all cultures, and thus is not something universal and would be considered path specific.

"So if you cast a spell to increase your income, then maybe a few days/weeks later, it'll reverse and something bad might happen to you."

This is a concept found in the English book, The Monkey's Paw (note that it is fiction and categorized in the genre Speculate Horror). It is a story where a couple uses a monkey's paw to wish for 200 pounds and ends up getting it in the form of compensation for their son's death and then more horrible things happen.

Again, believing in something like this is up to each individual, though it is not something universal. Personally, I find this more to be paranoia, which can manifest itself because every action we do has (at least a very slight) effect on the world around us (thoughts as well, depending on your belief).

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