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Post # 1
I have an interesting story to tell. I would like others opinions on if it actually meant something? Or maybe if it was just a random dream.

So a good while ago, maybe 4 or 5 months, I was calling upon Lilith for a succubus. I don't quite know why, the idea just enticed me? Maybe I was being an idiot, but whats done is done, so I just moved on. Nothing happened for those 4 or 5 months. Maybe a week or two ago, I met a girl that I really ended up finding a liking for. This particular girl I am thinking that I want to try for a longer relationship for unlike my others and am very happy with it. But I had this dream a couple nights ago that was so realistic, it was like I was fully lucid dreaming. I didn't really feel anything physically, or hear anything to my memory. In the dream though, I was currently dating the girl I like very much, and I was at a party that my ex girlfriend happened to be at. She flirted with me and it ended up that we kissed. I remember choosing to kiss her, I don't know why, it just kinda happened, I knew that it would have consequences if my girlfriend found out, still thinking its real life. At the time though it was just a kiss. When I kissed her though, i remember the taste, it was a really bitter taste, it was repulsive. The best word I had to describe it is corruption, it was just horrible.

My question is if that was a succubus? I am not to thrilled about this, what would it mean if it were a succubus? It sort of freaks me out a little.
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Re: Succubus
Post # 2
and may I add that once I had kissed her, I guess you could say I wanted more? I mean, I know that is common for males, but it was all so weird. I don't really wanna seem like I am making stuff up. Plus I am trying to keep this kid friendly as I know this website is open to all.
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Re: Succubus
Post # 3
To me it seems your subconscious is bringing out past issues, because you find the desire to be involved with this new girl. From what I have read, you would find yourself feeling very drained if it were an actual succubus. They usually will repeatedly arouse and drain once they choose someone. I cannot say for certain though as I have not had experience with this myself.
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