I need help starting

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I need help starting
Post # 1
I am new to this site and magick, I have read information on newbie central and a lot of things but I would like more dense and descriptive Information in how to start conducting spells.
Do I need an altar to conduct a spell?
Can I use a scented candle?
And wands, how do I find mine , and how to make it exactly?
Thank you very much and love to all
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Re: I need help starting
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Starting from square one is the best way. Learn as much as you can about the basics. Study, dig and ask. Spells are most effective when the caster has the basic understanding of how to create them, how to draw energy for them and how to utilise them. This takes time, as well as practise. As to tools, I myself do not have an altar currently, it seems to be forever under construction (It is built from repurposed wood and furniture), Scented candles I see no issue with, but eventually you will begin to make them yourself. A wand is not a necessity. Many of us don't even use them! An altar is intrinsic to practise, in my opinion. The best tools are the ones created and charged by the user. But store-bought tools are acceptable, they must be cleansed and charged before use though.
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Re: I need help starting
Post # 3
Hello & Welcome. I am a Male Witch who uses no alter and no wand. You can buy or build both. You can se any stick off the ground as a wand or make it fancy.
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Re: I need help starting
Post # 4
Hi, I am also in the same boat as you but I think I have an answer for you. Last year when I took a nice trip to Salem MA I had purchased a book titled, "Teen Witch". The book is quite blunt and filled with amazing explanations. It even has a few spells to try. It basically says to start from the history of witchcraft then others experience and how to improve ur daily life. Then how to ast a circle, make energy balls, and even how the cleanse and concentrate your objects. Although a wand is highly un needed I found a reliable source that tells how to make your own wand. Find a tree that you feel close to, like there is a pull towards that tree, ask the tree if you can take a branch, close ur eyes and if your gut is telling you yes, take a branch then thank the tree. Decorate your branch with a crystal or anything that you want, then cleanse and concentrate your new wand.
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