The Magic Hexagram

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The Magic Hexagram
Post # 1

this is the result of my latest investigative work concerning the hexagram. The numbers and calculations can be double-check by anyone interested in verifying its authenticity. If it's true that the hexagram is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols in existence since humans are aware of their existence, one can't deny that the very origin of the magic powers is coming from the ONE. It may have been introduced to humans or even earlier beings in this planet (and the universe) with the help of different identities. One for the Egyptians and another for Hebrews... but IT was always be the same across time.
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Re: The Magic Hexagram
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You have posted this sort of thing before, and was told then! If there is nothing about you on your profile, and your reputation is "Fluffy", nobody is going to take any notice of you!
Further, it was also pointed out to you that just about any symbol can be cut into smaller shapes, and numbered. Just about anything can be shown by numbers! Even children will play games with numbers!
As for a Hexagon; they appear very often in nature.A honeycomb is a Hexagon!
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Re: The Magic Hexagram
Post # 3
Noticing these connections is nothing great nor new, breathtaking, or even impressive. What would be something worthwhile would be to find an application of this knowledge. The Fibonacci sequence was originally just a few observations in nature and it helped artist a bit especially when doing sculptures of the human body in greater detail, but then it found it's place in science with things like how it made solar panels more efficient.

I'm already familiar on sacred geometry enough to know that what you found decodes nothing, only makes it more readable at best. However if you want to have more white rabbits to chase I can give you a few significant factors. You can probably find why these numbers and patterns are significant in your video but I doubt you will.



Hints on finding significances: 27, 36, 42
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Re: The Magic Hexagram
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Mathematics is the universal language. Anything can be broken down into such with enough patience and understanding. A hexagram in and of itself is nothing more than a collection of triangles. Would the triangle then not be the route source? What then does that prove?

Nothing. It proves nothing. Just like the mathematics behind a hexagram - which has been well documented and explored by physicists, engineers, and other scientists who were both atheists and men of a variety of faiths.
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