Change my life spells???

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Change my life spells???

Change my life spells???
Post # 1
Hey guys, I need help with something. I need a change in place, surroundings, people, friends, society. Basically I want a new life. Well, not really new life just a second chance. Who wouldn't want a second chance? So if you know anyone who can help me, or any spells, Msg me please. I really need this. People ( like myself ) which has depression and can't do anything to change their lives, could stumble upon this post and be happy again. So help. Thanks guys. Blessed Be ~
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Re: Change my life spells???
Post # 2
There is no spell to instantly grant happiness or change. There are spells to make you less noticable to trouble makers, shield you from negative energies and protect yourself from mistakes by calling on ancestral spirits for guidance. Clinical Depression can only be treated by professionals and that is no guarentee. Sometimes they make it worse. Carrying a medicine bag to protect from negative energies was helpful to me when battling depression along with nature based medications. :-)
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Re: Change my life spells???
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Tanyudada~ Your profile indicates you to be a minor. Hence in the care of parents that no doubt love you very much! Believe it or not, I was once a teenager too, though it seems like eons ago. Teenage depression is normal, you are changing from a boy into a young man both physically and mentally. Have you tried something as simple as talking to your parents? I guarantee you they want to hear what you have to speak, and no matter how you may feel, they love you very much! We all go through depression, all want change, but sometimes the thing we really need is a caring ear to hear us. Talk to them. You may feel better, and they may be able to help you by making some changes for you!
May you only grow! :)
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