Magicians and Wizards

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Magicians and Wizards
Post # 1

Merry Ye meet fellow brothers and sisters. Just something I need to do research on and I thought we could elaborate on it in here.

What do you think is the role of Magicians and Wizards in different societies and the different times around the globe?

What do What do Magicians and Wizards do and seek to achieve? How do their societies view them? Do you believe that Magic works, What do you base it on?

Famouse Magicians:

* Israel Regardie

* William Butler Yeats

* Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

* Aleister Crowley

* Lon Milo Duquette

Fictional Wizards:

* Merin

* Gandalf

* Harry Potter

- Research project*


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Re: Magicians and Wizards
Post # 2

Hello Kaileigh. To answer your first question, in many socieities "Wizards", or "Magicians." were seen as those who could do what others couldn't. In many tales the King/Queen of a kingdom would call upon a wizard to grant a specific request that a normal person couldn't achieve. Wizards were normally called Mages, the title Wizard comes up in a lot of Roman tales of how a wizard gave the valiant warrior strengeth to defeat the dragon and save the princess etc. So yes I believe Wizards were seen as the High Mages of society, to help mantain balance, therefore steping in when needed and to educate the non- believers.

Magicians however was a name or title, that you would hear belonging to a person who does things along the lines as a magic act. Wasn't a very common title back then, mage, or a wizard was pretty acurate.

I couldn't 100% tell you what a Wizard would seek considering I'm not one, nor do I call myself one. Though if I was to predict or assume, is that Wizards were interested in learning new spells, keeping their craft a secret. I cant give you a complete accurate definition on that.

I don't particularily know what you mean by, does magic work? Magic is just a form of energy that every living being possess (As far as we know)) Magic, isn't waving a wand around and shouting out an incantation, but being able to connect with your inner spiritual energy and the energy around you.

I hope what I said will be able to help you a little, I won't go further in depth with my last part, just to stay on topic.

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Re:Magicians and Wizards
Post # 3
Fictional wizards were, well fictional! There is no istorical basis and they often served either as a wise person who would guide a hero, or the hero themselves.

All of the magicians you mentioned above use the term magician to describe a certain aspect of your spiritual practice. Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie and Lon Milo DuQuette all follow(ed) the same spiritual path and therefore had very similar beliefs and attitudes. Crowley's view of magick was that it was to be used to attain levels of consciousness higher than the avergae human. The road marks in his system are the attainment of the holy guardian angel which he described as different things at different times......his view was basically that the first job a magician must do is find out what his purpose is and what his true nature is and then he must do it. He dos this by analysing every aspect of himself individually and then balancing those aspects. It is of course more complicated than this. All three take a psychological standpoint to magick- it is all within the mind, Crowley did waver a little bit later on in his life and in letters to certain students.

The Ciceros carried on Regardies work within the Golden Dawn Tradition and I don't particularly regard Yeats as being the greatest example.

Magick for these people is a way of enhancing ones own latent abilities and understanding themselves, their environment and the interaction between the two. All take a scientific approach to magick and I believe all endorse mediation alongside magick. I believe some have had spiritual experiences and still have remained skeptical, I do believe they did believe in a spiritual side to magick, yet did not publicize this as they wanted to sell books to all types of people- modern authors on the subject have also admitted this.

Does magick work? That would depend on your definition of magick, and what your goals are.

A quote from DuQuette- "It's all in your head, you just have no idea how big your head is."

They have all had some marvellous experiences which they have documented, they all however endorse skepticism, that is not drawing any conclusions one way or the other- it may be spiritually caused, but one should always look for physical and mental causes as well.

I could go on for days....

Blessed Be.
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Re: Magicians and Wizards
Post # 4

This is certainly of a lot of help. I will surely do some more reading up on this topic.

Thanks for your input!

Blessed be*

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