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Coven leading application
Post # 1
Hello everyone. Since SoM does not allow creating covens i want to aply as leader of the coven. In coven that i would lead we would not only be doing magic but also researches in telekinesis,cryptions,conspiracy things,paranormal/supernatural,ancient secrets and everyI thing conected to mystery. I would be very happy if this would be possible since there is so many secrets and things to be found and explored.

May the life force be with you.
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Re: Coven leading application
Post # 2

First, your account has to be at least 3-4 months old before you can lead a coven.

If you are planning to apply to lead an inactive coven, so far that I know applications are to be sent to Petrarca. But since he's mostly busy improving the site and its features, that he can't mail everyone back who mails him.

As it says on Petrarca's profile: "If I do not reply to your message within 1 day assume the answer is NO."

Of course, there are other options to leading a coven. You could make one that's offline, in your local area. You can find local covens/groups/organizations to join or lead here:

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Re: Coven leading application
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Posting here in the forum will not get you what you want.

If you want to apply to take over an existing coven you need to send an e-mail with that request to Petrarca, the Site Administrator, stating which coven you are interested in and what your qualifications are to lead a group. Note that he will look at your posting history to see whether you are a regular and knowledgeable contributor to the site. He will also be looking at how mature you are, how well you deal with others, and whether you have the leadership skills to take over a coven.

And as has already been mentioned, if you send him the e-mail and don't hear back from him in 24 hours, the answer is no.

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