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Post # 1

I think this is the most well known and critizied form of Divination, Crystallomancy aka Crystal gazing. Over recent years this form of Divination has been doubted and pushed aside, many think that crystal gazing/ reading a crystal ball is fake. Yes I agree that Hollywood or scam artists make Crystallomancy seem as if when the Diviner looks through a crystal ball he/she will see a puff of smoke and from it the future or the past, even the present shall be shown, yes I do agree that's a load of crap.

There is real truth in this art. Normal when the Diviner is looking through the ball, he/she is falling into a deep trance, preceving images much like when your water scrying or any form of scrying. This of course is a form of scrying just using crystals. Though it is believed if one can achieve perfect accurate readings from the crystal while in this hypnotic trance then their psychic energy is very acute. If you are interested in this, it's always best to keep your ball cleansed and charged, I'd reccomend using your own energy to recharge the crystal or let it soak in water then allow the sun's rays to dry it off. Crystals are very reflective, which increases the Diviners chance of going into a trance.

My method of doing this is while I'm in this "Trance" I'd grab my sketch book and sketch what I see, some times what I see can be vivid. So after I've done it a few times i'll compare each skectch and piece together everything, sort of like a puzzle.

Thank you, any comments please reply, I'd be happy to read.

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Re: Crystallomancy
Post # 2
I don't see the problem with crystal divination. People have used water for scrying for thousands of years. They both are essentially divination bygazing into reflective material. I don't think the method can be argued if it works well for someone. Plus, if you don't want it to be, it's nobody's business. :)

Unfortunately, pop culture and scam artists of yesteryear have given the Crystal ball a bad name. Maybe you can change that!

I would be interested to know what type of Crystal would be the best to create a divination tool for just because of the different attributes of different Crystal.
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Re: Crystallomancy
Post # 3

It is very rare to get a perfect concise image from any form of divination, but not unheard of. I use a crystal ball myself at times. One of the moderators had suggested it to me, as a means of clearing the static I heard when trying to communicate with spirits. It has worked wonders for me this past year, though I find it is different with each spirit.

For actual scrying purposes, I like to use crystals with more fragmentation in them. The specks and cracks allow for a focal point for me as I go into a trance and I get a clearer image. That is just me though. Nice post, short and to the point. Thanks for sharing your views :)


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