Any ideas?

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Any ideas?
Post # 1
When I was younger I had contact with my great grandfather who had passed away, years on I continued having contact with people who had passed years before. It went when I was around thirteen but in it's place I started seeing things in my mirror.

At first I didn't believe I was seeing anything, I was tired, trick of the light, you know that sort of stuff? Well anyway I started to see a young girl every night in my mirror I would see her for around ten seconds and then bam gone.This happened for around a month each time she was getting closer to the edge of the mirror.
Then around two weeks later she came back she was bleeding from her eyes I was terrified. I started sleeping with the light on, door open and dog in my room. Then I had a horrific nightmare there she was on my chest (in the nightmare) her hands around my neck crushing. I thought nothing of it until I looked in the mirror and I had bruises around my neck in the form of a handprint.
I thought I was seeing the bruises and they weren't actually there until my teacher pulled me aside and asked whether I was being abused or if I needed any help...
I know this sounds like a terrible lie but it's really not. I am only worried and resorting to asking and sounding like a loon because I lost my celtic knot a few weeks ago which made me feel protected and the feeling of a weight on my shoulder has came back and I have started to worry...

Please help, and no mean comments please? I know I can't prevent them and I sound like I'm a stupid TV, attention liar... Or maybe that's just my own thoughts?

Forgot to mention one time while on a call to my friend online using web camera his little brother came into the room looked at the camera screen and ran screaming monster. When asked where the monster was he said it was on the wall behind me. He was three at the time x
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Re: Any ideas?
Post # 2

Well it is normal for young children to see spirits and such.

Her being on your chest sounds like text book Sleep Paralysis, and you could have made the bruises in your sleep or by knocking into something without knowing, everyone gets bruises and scratches that they cant remember how it happened.

The girl in the mirror is different, it could possibly be a spirit but you should see a doctor because this could be a form of Psycosis. However i am not a doctor so i cant make that call.

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Re: Any ideas?
Post # 3
The spirits, from my understanding can not cause physical harm so you most likely made the bruises yourself while dreaming it was her or communicating with her. Could be the spirit of a murdered child trying to communicate or a bad spirit just tormenting. I am not well versed in dealing with spirits as they seem to want nothing to do with me so that is all I have to offer. Apologies.
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Re: Any ideas?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Personaly i would pray to my higher power for protection and to help the spirit cross over into the light.
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Re: Any ideas?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I would do a sage smudge ritual to get rid of it. Its obvious that it frightens you, and you get negative feelings about it. Do the cleansing ritual. It WILL help.
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Re: Any ideas?
Post # 6
The bruises were probably caused in your sleep but in psychological studies have shown that your brain can communicate with more then just nerve cells. Hypnotist have done things were the subject goes through a trance and the hypnotist puts a suggestion where the subject imagines themselves getting burned and afterwards you would see actual burn there. This is something I've seen others do and I've done myself.

Spirits can interact with the human bodies through the mind of the person but I've never seen bruising done where it has been proven to be entirely psychological. It could also be the result of you overreacting to the loss of your protection charm. However I'll teach you a cleansing method.

Take some water and add a little bit of salt and mix it in. This can be done without the salt but its better with. When you have it stick 2 fingers in the water and then close your eyes and imagine this bright light around you. As you inhale fill you body with this light. As you exhale say your command and focus your intention (purify, cleanse, be gone, ext...) And imagine the light go through you into the water through your fingers. Now take the water and sprinkle it lightly around your house especially around corners, doorways, and mirrors.
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