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By: / Novice
Post # 1
More often than not, a practitioner may find themselves at a loss as to why a spell has failed, why they cannot astrally project, or even why their vision has become clouded. Perhaps even why their chosen Deities have not answered them. These are questions we all ask, and the resultant failure can even drag some into the clutches of depression. I myself have asked these very things, and the grip of the depression actually pulled me away from what was a joyous and wonderful pursuit. To be bluntly honest, my mind is a ravenous information- craving machine that never seems to be sated. I find it to be a hunger that will never be truly satisfied. I equate knowledge with rungs on the evolutionary ladder, to be climbed as high as possible before life ceases.
That being said, I have been pondering the meaning of "why" in regards to said failures, backfires, and even why sometimes my clarity is shrouded in fog. Then it hit me. Gattai! What exactly is "Gattai", and what does it mean? More importantly, what does it have to do with this very post?
Put simply, "Gattai" is Japanese. It means, but is not limited to: Union; amalgamation; annexation; coalescence; incorporation. The common theme is unity and oneness. While it is not a philosophy, it can be a mantra, if you will, to aid one on their path. How so?
To the Japanese people,"gattai" signifies merging and unity in thought and purpose. In essence, people who unite and incorporate together to solve problems. By achieving this common unity, the problem is thus solved much quicker.

But, how can this principle aid me, you ask? Simple. While used collectively, this word can also used individually. A Samurai was one with his weapon, knew it's strength as well as it's weakness. He achieved this state by vigorously training with his weapon. He would even name it. To him, this weapon was an extension of his very soul, and he cared for it as a parent does for their child.
But again, what does gattai have to do with magick? In magick, there is the intellectual pursuit, in which the practitioner acquires knowledge on a broad base of topics. This requires study, a lifetime of it. But merely possessing a head full of information is only part of the path. We all possess knowledge, some more than others. Simply possessing a sword does not make one a warrior. It means they simply own a sword. A warrior is first taught the basics: technique, endurance, and tactics. Same with magick. We all start out with the basic techniques, how to use these to achieve our desired goal. As time goes forward, our ability to cast greater spells (spiritual energy) of a greater magnitude increases. This is akin to endurance of a physical nature. Lastly, the tactics:" How can I employ this or that" becomes more clear! But this is exactly where gattai comes into play~ Taking all of the other elements and annexing, incorporating, and unifying with the energy itself! It almost sounds Zen-like, as if it were coming from a Temple Master. But it is not as complicated as one might believe, shrouded in riddles and mystery. Remember, "gattai" means to unify, annex and incorporate. We must believe whole- heartedly and without a doubt in this energy we tap into and channel for it to work! There can not be a shred of self- doubt, or lack of belief that we cannot harness and direct this energy to do as we wish it. Whichever your path, whatever "colour" you decide to label it, whichever aspect is your strength or fancy. Belief is core to the practitioner. This is the final aspect of "gattai"; taking all of the facets and melding, unifying them into one complete and harmonious state within yourself. Do not mistake this to mean that universal laws can be altered simply by sheer will, you will be utterly disappointed. I discovered this personally via an epiphany after years of pursuing things for the simple intellectual sake. Now my ability is actually increasing, my focus clearer than ever (although my chakras still need a bit of tweaking), and my confidence blossoming! I actually feel the best I have ever felt. I share these thoughts because I hope they can be of benefit to others too. And I shall not debate petty semantics or details. This was meant to encourage.
May you only grow :)
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Re: Gattai
By: / Novice
Post # 2
And as stated clearly in the thread, I shall not debate petty points nor seeming inaccuracies. Seems to me every time I put up one of these posts, which are meant to encourage, some just feel the need to bicker over trifles or try to peck at it. I just do these to strengthen. I have risen above the need to retort. Peck away, just know the intent was not to start some pedestrian debate.
May you only grow :)
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Re: Gattai
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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