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Post # 1
Hello everyone. I'm Yuki, and I'm new to this website. I've been interested in Wicca for a few years, and when I first started getting into it, I started finding that I was very interested and that something about it just felt right to me. I know I'm only 16, so there is still so much left for me to learn. In fact if you asked me something, I probably couldn't answer because I'm not entirely sure what everything means. I'm really interested in learning, and I'd love to dabble a bit more and learn more about Wicca before I decide that it's right for me. If anyone could please help me, that would be great, and I'd love to listen!
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Re: Help?
Post # 2
Hello Yuki rather than listening from us I suggest you search on your own..This site hold a lot of information about wicca..Google can be your friend right now but remember don't forget to cross check information 3-4 times..You may know more things..
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Re: Help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

You might want to start with the information about Wicca that can be found at

As you read through the topics there and also some of the websites provided don't hesitate to ask me any specific questions you might have. I've been Wiccan for some 30 years and ran a large teaching coven for 12 years. I'll help you if I can.

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Re: Help?
Post # 4
Dear Lark, Thank you very much for telling me :D I will definitely look into it and make sure to ask any questions I have. I'm hoping to learn a lot about this religion, and hope to discover whether this is the path for me or not!
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Re: Help? / middle knowle
Post # 5
Well... im age 13 and i started wondering bout wicca at age 10. I agree ask lots of questions learn, go to website such as also you can never have enough knowledge! For 1 it depends what you like... i love palmistry, astrology,horoscopes, herbalism,rituals,divination, dreams,spells.

thats all in my bos book of shawdows. Anyways i suggest keeping 2 books, 1 bosch the other witches jornal. Bosch keep your studies u know magick in there, have a binder n dividers so u can flip n find what y'all the otherbook, carry it around with you all day and write what happens,ideas,meanings,emotions, and how it relates to magic.
one last question... If ur serious bout wicca ask yourself and be

why do you like wicca?
what can it do for you?

and the hardest one : what doee wicca mean to u?
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