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Post # 1
If you don't know what horsing means, its when you allow a spirit or deity to posses you. Anyways, I horsed Loki last night twice and his energy felt wonderful. My friend on Skype was on there with me making sure Loki didn't do anything drastic. I have a few questions though 1)What is a good method to let a deity in? I was resisting Loki a bit, but I didn't mean to. 2)How do you keep them in? I sometimes accidentally push him away when I don't mean to. 3)What's it feel like when a deity is fully possessing you? Blessings
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Re: Horsing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I cannot say what a God-possession is like, however in my youth I summoned an infernal spirit (Demon) without proper knowledge/ training, and apparently it was not pleased by my lack of knowledge/ training. I will say, that it was rather empowering! But more often than not, I would fly into berserker rages at the slightest provocation, foam at the mouth, even sometimes utter languages foreign to me. It would also boost my adrenaline, and even gave me courage on certain occasions! Took years for me to rid myself of it though. It did reveal things and even opened up my mind to things unknown, even heightening my powers of perception and sensitivity to energy that I possess today.
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Re: Horsing
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Also: the best way to experience possession is to be in a trance state, your mind blank, your body willing. They decide how long they shall posses you, each experience varies. And, in a nutshell, based on my experience, it was best described as erotic, fulfilling, and empowering. And also awkward. But you get used to it after a while.
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Re: Horsing
By: / Novice
Post # 4
And to answer your 1st question: I find drumming coupled with relaxation/ breathing techniques most helpful to inducing a trance state. Burn sandalwood incense (great meditative scent), to set the tone. Find yourself a good drumming cd, I prefer Native American personally. Really, any indigenous drumming music can be used. The point is to allow the self to be induced via the repetitious beating. This technique is basically self-hypnosis, and can be achieved rather quickly. Might also be wise to include a friend who can watch over you just in case. Trance- states oft motivate the person to wander off, dance and other things they would normally not do in their conscious mode.
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Re: Horsing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

1. It's a little different for everyone. I tend to get into a deep trance and a calm state for horsing work. I like to listen to rhythmic drumming, as the volva's used to "ride sleipnir's beat" into the trancestate. Before horsing, you'd probably want to make an offering to the deity you're inviting in to at least let them know your intentions and set the "ground rules" for the experiene. Plus it's a nice way of saying thank you in advance.

2. Try to be as open and inviting as you can. Relaxation methods may help with this. Take things slow, and if something feels weird or foreign to you- speak up about it.

3. I'm sure that varies from person to person, deity to deity. For me, personally, I describe the experience as being a passenger in a car, where the car is your body. It's almost surreal, where I can tell I am doing things but am aware that it is not myself and there is someone else present.

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