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Book of Shadows
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
I've been working in a book of shadows(of sorts) for awhile now. I have include things such as my beliefs, about the elements, herbs and crystals,visualisation,casting a circle, grounding and centring among other things. I realise that it is my book of shadows but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what else to put in it, I'm a witch not a Wicca or a neo-pagan so I don't really want to include anything about gods or goddess or the like. Even if you have any tips for making it look nice or anything would be appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Book of Shadows
Post # 2
It's also a journal or your rituals, dreams, and divinations.
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Re: Book of Shadows
Post # 3
I agree to me a BOS is a history. A journal cataloging my experiences even if they don't all occur within a ritual circle. Fore ample if I find myself thinking about my brother and then he calls out of the blue I'll write that in there describing how I felt before during and after his call so that I have those feelings and thoughts for future reference if I ever want to attempt and recreate the experience on purpose.
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Re: Book of Shadows
Post # 4
I put my spells and the conditions for them, and also a few entities in it ( actually I have two books of shadows, one is a nice stor bought empty book and the other is a huge 500 page book I made where I put the mor theoretical stuff which might come in handy sometime in the future
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Re: Book of Shadows
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I use my book as a biography of my majikal journey. I dont write everything down, just major things. I use it as a reference for working spells, correspondences, meditations, and any other magickal or spiritual workings ive done or am doing successfully and in the future.
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