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Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 1
Hello Myst here,

I was wondering, can fantasy spells(werewolf, vampire etc...) work when you involve a God Or Goddess?

Just a thought

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 2
they will never work. you CAN NOT change your DNA. so therefore, you can never become a mystical fantasy creature.

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 3
DNA controls your genes, and Genes control our characteristics, which to my PoV has NOTHING to do with Magic(except beauty and etc...) but i do see where your coming from though.

Blessed Be

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 4
yes DNA is from your genes. but heres an example. polar bears were originally grizzly bear, but during the ice age when they crossed over to Antarctica, there DNA changed due to the arctic. that's why they are white. so if you changed into a vampire or fairy, ETC you are altering your DNA. so you cant really do it.

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 5
Yes i know that, like i said I KNOW where your coming from.

Thanks anyway
I was just checking.

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 6
okay, sorry!):
blessed be

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
Post # 7
This question amuses me greatly. Just for the sake of discussion; If Gods / Goddesses had the power that mortals believe they had and they did choose to help alter or transform you, then you would cease to be you and thus not remember casting it and probably curse them for your fate. This is if they had that kind of power and if they chose to help which is why they probably would not. Just my view. :-)

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
By: / Novice
Post # 8
What metalfan77 said about polar bears is true. Just look at the generations of polar bears at zoos in the united states who have been bred in captivity. They are much smaller and their fur is turning dark. The polar bears in alaska are quite a bit larger and whiter, even in the zoos! I beleive that is attributed to melatonin, sunlight and temperature though. But to create an invironment conducive to modifying your dna to the point that it is mutated and you become a canine like invincible predator during a full moon and then change back to human seems unlikely to me. Then again maybe i do not understand exactly what the occult definition oe werewolf is.

Re: Fantasy "Spells"
By: / Novice
Post # 9
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Re: Fantasy "Spells"
By: / Novice
Post # 10
The short answer is if you have to ask you probably shouldn't be in the section because you need to study more.

The site is full of non working spells put their by inexperienced users. Because of how busy the site admin is these spells linger for some time. This is why he created the Trick and Fantasy spell sections to put non working somewhere until he can delete them. Not all these spells are fluff but a good portion of then are. A spell that calls for an astral creatures guidance or protection would work [if you believe such creatures are real] but a spell to grow wings, transform, or do something humans cannot naturally do is a non working spell and no amount of focus, belief, energy, or deities will make it work.

I suggest you study more before looking through these sections so you don't waste time and energy on pointless ventures.

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