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Post # 1
Hey everyone, I was just in the mood to bring up the subject of spirits.

So, I have not done really any research about how to work with spirits but I'm planning on doing so since I've been I guess having some encounters with a few. I've noticed that sometimes the same spirit would show its presence so I'm really interested in research on spirits so if anyone can help or offer some advice I would be very grateful.

But, I would also like to see if anyone else has a their own moments and times of encountering any spirits. For me, I see them coming in and out of my front door through the mirror next to it and its always the same three spirits. I also noticed some well one in my mirror next to my bed. Yet, only one of them made me nervous but I realized due to my negative energies at times that the spirit was probably attracted to my energy because I only see it when I have a good amount of negative energy flowing. But, I did think I was the only one who saw the Spirits (technically I am) but my friend saw the same spirit who is so attracted to negative energies as well. But, even though im not scared or nervous about the spirits I'm not too sure if I should do a banishing spell...if anyone has a thought please share. But if you're someone who is nervous of the spirits in your home, doing a blessing in your home and over yourself might help.

Ok, hope people will share their stories and thoughts as well. Thanks for reading and blessed be.
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Re: Spirits.
Post # 2
Spirits are very interesting Bodies themselves are vessels for our spirits or soul as we call them when inside the body Spirits themselves can be quite confusing you might have disincarnated spirits They feed off of negative energy and attach to your aura to pulse negative thoughts into you so they may feed but that's only for disincarnates depending on the spirit you might have a different situation some spirits are just there because of unfinished business you might be able to put a spirit at peace by helping it settle it's business if it's a disincarnate though you probably should banish it if it feeds too much it'll become a demon.
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Re: Spirits.
Post # 3
Thank you. I'll definitely get on that.
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