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Post # 1
Hello everyone I suppose my talent is my dreams most of the time I know whats going to happen but here for a couple of weeks I've had some weird ones. And is it true what they say about dreaming in color I used to dream in black and white up untill I was 10 yrs old. Any feed back from this would be wonderful Thank you
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Re: Dreams
Post # 2
Hey. Dreams.... I've been having some weird ones too. The same kind. I only get them when something bad is going to happen.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 3
Dreaming in colors is an OBE.
Black and white is just the mind.

and btw I am also getting some strange dreams lattely... completely out of sense.
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Post # 4
i had strange dreams.
when i was 13/14,i had a dream that comed real...frm then, almost all my dreams camed real.
those strange dreams that i had,...probably camed real too,but i didn't knew how to interpret them.
i asociate the objects,animals,peoples,monsers,demons,angels,...etc with what is good and bad in my life.
for example,...i dreamed a couple of times that i was in school
and a monster was trying to get me ( he wasn't interested 4 others,..and i don't know why )...he tried to catch me,..but at finaly i defeated him.I had this dream at least 4/5 times
( it was the same dream ).
another dream was that i died when i fighted with a wolf.
( i had also dreamed this thing for about 4/5 times 9 but with different kinds of wolfs ).
in my latest dreams,...i was able to feel,read,..and do other things.
4 ex. If i cuted my hand in a dream,..i felt the pain as if i wasn't dreaming.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Awhile ago I had a dream about all these different people. Most were men that were killed. One was a 30-40 balding and he got in a river of acid. I can't remember any of the others. But I think this happened cuz I felt the pain and it was in full blown color.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 6

Prophetic dreams are not rare. Plus, just because your dream may happen in the future doesnt mean it will; your dream is only a option of the future. Free will can always come in and change everything- this is something I have said time and time again!

Try lighting some jasmine incense just before you are about to drop off to sleep. It encourages prophetic dreams and clears your mind.

Also, keep a notepad and pen by your bed so when you wake from a dream, you can write it down before you forget most of it. I also suggest learning a bit of symbolism, as it offen occurs in dreams regularly.

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