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Dream help
Post # 1
Although lengthy all I say is necessary to paint u a picture of what happened

Before I went to bed I was thinking of ways to contract my guardian angel, never done it before.

I fell asleep and in my dream I woke up and sat up to a being, couldn't see it bt its like it was behind a fabric or like and inflated white balloon. It was like a figure and I was thinking of my angel at this point of my dream and there was something familiar about this figure like it was trying to get to me and it to me.

I then got distracted and my parents started yelling at me so I went outside and for some odd reason I jumped the fence. Its about 2m high bt I did it in one jump and was doing a flip in mid air as I was going to land on the other side with my head inches away from the fence each time. Going back and forth.

A voice told me its some hidden talent that I don't know how use yet which I found weird. So someone in the dream came up to me and started taking photos as I did this.

Weird part is the person disappears and I'm told to protect my family. Weird small like blob things with faces start coming towards me and with a sword that I somehow got in my hand I killed them, more came and got bigger and bigger till they were about 5 foot to 5 foot 8 inches. At this point I couldn't kill some so I said some weird thing and some mesh fence made of some weird material came up. The ones I couldn't kill I put my left hand out said some weird spell or said something but I know I mentioned black, gold and the word tetragramation which seemed weird. I by telling the ones I couldn't kill to die and used the word tetragramation and they exploded.

I know what the word stands for but I've never used it or made something that cool like a spell with it but if felt natural.

I was then woken up buy a bird making a noise and my dogs barking. Each time I tried to go back to sleep the bird would make a noise and the dogs went crazy. After two hours I stopped trying and the bird left

So is this dream just weird or something important.
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