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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dream interpretation?Help

Dream interpretation?Help
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Last night I had a dream that I was taken on a tour of hell by some sort of guide or entity.

I saw many people being tortured, as well as feces (and the smell of feces) all over the place.

Later in the dream I was back on earth and for some reason I was back together with my ex girlfriend. (a little background info on that, her father hated me and harassed me any chance he would get, he was also an extreme christian, which may relate to a later part of the dream.)

Well in the dream where I was back together with my ex, her father called me on the phone and said he was going to kill me.

In my dream I replied: "If you want to try to kill me, that's fine, but you will have to come to my house to do so, and I have many guns, so if you step foot in my house, I WILL defend myself."

Later on in the dream, I was dressed as a monk. (think frier tuck clothing.) but I wasn't a monk in the "good" sense of the word.

I held in my hand a catholic rosary, and in my dream I shook the rosary with a vigor as I cursed my ex's father with a booming of the voice, this booming of the voice caused the earth to shake around me.

That's all I remember, usually I can interpret my own dreams but this one is confusing to say the least.

And on a side note, I would also like to mention that before going to bed, I had meditated for a long time during a spell casting. During this spell I was asking for, financial, spiritual, and scientific success. (as I'm an engineering student.)

I also met several entities, during my meditation including Arch angel Michael, (which was confirmed in a form of the tarot.) an entity claiming to be John the Baptist, (although I have my doubts.) and Aphrodite. (as well as several shadow figures, whom I simply ignored, as to not give them any of my power.

And on another side note, I got into a power struggle with the entity claiming to be john the baptist, we finally came to an agreement, when he placed his sigil upon my right astral hand, but in exchange he had to take my personal sigil, on two parts of his body. (the front of each shoulder.)

Are these possibly related?

What do you all think? I really need help with this.
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Re: Dream interpretation?Help
Post # 2
I no longer have my dream translation books and depending on who you ask translations will vary, sometimes greatly. If I had to translate this I would say its either just a really wierd dream or you have regrets about your former rslationship but when she does call to try and get back together her overly protective Christian Father will do anything to ruin your life and break it up. I could be wrong and probably am but had to post this. :-)
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Re: Dream interpretation?Help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
That actually sounds semi accurate as for some strange reason, I've been thinking about here more, (even though we haven't talked for about 2 years.) and I do have regrets about our relationship, most of which stemmed from the tension from myself and her father.

but I wonder, what the hell portion of the dream meant? as well as the part of the dream where I placed a curse on him.

The catholic symbolism seems to make (some) sense as I was raised as a catholic and even though I am no longer catholic.

Those symbols are still very powerful within my psyche, although (and I'm not sure about this.) they seem to have both a positive and negative connotation within my mind. (if that makes sense.)
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Re: Dream interpretation?Help
Post # 4
It makes sense. No one knows exactly how the mind works much less in relation to our spiritual self. Hell is representory of the misery he will bring to keep you apart. The curse as well as the monk are representitive of your willingness to destroy yourself fighting him. This may be your minds way of surfacing your own subconcious thoughts on what if / what could be. My advice: when / if she contacts you be cordial, remembering overprotective parents have been known to kill people to protect their children from a percieved threat, real or imagined.
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