bring back my ex

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bring back my ex
Post # 1
I am curious if I am wrong for this.

My ex and I broke up last month. We didn't speak for 2 weeks. She then called me saying she missed me and wanted to take things slow and work it out. She then said she is confused and not sure what she wants to do. Her own words to me were "I love you and do not want anyone but you, but I am not sure if I am in love with you and my feelings for you are not as strong".

She also stated to me that She is so confused and she at times wants to be with me and at times is not sure

My question is this: I've read in some forums it is ok to have this spell cast and some forums it is wrong. I have read that if the person already has the love for you, "bring back lost love" spells WILL not manipulate a persons free will, it will simply open them to see the love that is already there inside of them and allow them to see clearly. There is no other people involved. Am I wrong for wanting to cast this spell
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Re: bring back my ex
Post # 2
You're not wrong. Love spells have an expiry date anyway, so even if you do it, and she still doesn't figure it out, you will reach a juncture where you guys are making the same decision again - ie breaking up.

Remember love spells work both ways though. It will interfere with your will also. Rather than a love spell, you could cast a spell to bring you guys clarity so that rather than force yourself to be together through a spell, you can have some light shed on the situation.

Apart from spells...just some life experience, when a person isn't sure about their feelings, it is usually best to give them some space to think about what they want. Absence creates longing for that which one loves and wants to be with, thus has the ability to clarify if that love exists.
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Re: bring back my ex
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: bring back my ex
Post # 4
Any time someone is this indecisive I bid them have a nice life, avoid them and move on.
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Re: bring back my ex
Post # 5
Are you wrong? Absolutely not. There are some people who are going to impose their system of beliefs on you and spout off some things about free will or whatever, but it's not wrong at all to work on someone to have them return to you.

As long as you recognize that unless you work on the underlying issues in the relationship, you're not going to keep her. And that all of your hard work and concentration, intent, and focus, can be for nothing if you don't take care of those issues.

No one else can decide if it's wrong or right for you. If you personally don't feel 100% okay with it, don't do it. Otherwise? Just be smart about it.
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