Help with Entities...

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Help with Entities...
Post # 1
So I am new to this site, I joined this site to get help or an idea of what I am dealing with. I am not lying about anything I am about to say. There is seriously no point so if you don't believe me than its on you. I came here for help.
Ok so something demon or spirit, not too sure but there are things that are leading me to be that it is a demon that visits me. For starters I will have an object get thrown across the room or things just move out of nowhere, I hear wispering late at nights and I feel this force surrounding me. It follows me everywhere, it even followed me to Afghanistan and it would just drop things in my room or movie things around. It feels uncomfortable its not a pleasant feeling when this entity visits me. The whispering is actually very frightening or it was at first...I even remember my music paused for a split second and i heard a hello and my music turned back on. My cross on my bed is always turned around (not upside down though). So now I wish to communicate with it and see what it wants. Even my roommate in my barracks knows something is happening he has heard things he says from my room late at night. I need guidance and help if I am going to this. I don't want to make things worse.
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Re: Help with Entities...
Post # 2
Hypothetically, not saying yhat I balive you, but if I did I would think that its harmless, but weary powerful if able to constantly influence the phyzical plane, if it wanted to do something to you it already would have been taken care of lets call it that, the fact that it speaks to you ore atleast tryes to would employ that it wants something from you, the fact that you heard it say helo means that hes not hunting you, but since it follows you means that its aighther is despret or bound to you or something in your possession, I would listen closely to what it says or ask it even, if you cant make aot what its saying to you then you should wright latters A-Z on a pece of paper and to save time yes no and numbers, like a Ouija board put it on a leveled field and since its powerful enough to move stuff like you say put a marble on it and tell it to use it to communicate and just wright down what it says
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Re: Help with Entities...
Post # 3
It is very hard to 'diagnose' this from the details given, I recommend you do your research on poltergiest, shadow people, the night hag and the nightmare. It may be a lost spirit or a demon too. I recommend you check out some protection spells on the site then search in google 'ama nazra michael invocation' chant it, works every time for me.
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Re: Help with Entities...
Post # 4
Thanks you guys I will look into everything you have told me.
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