Is there something there?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Is there something there?

Is there something there?
Post # 1
At the minute we think we have a ghost/spirit or multiple in our house, things keep coming of shelves when they are stable and just certain things like this so I was wondering is there any way I could test I want to stay away from ouija boards and I'm pretty sure people have tried to speak aloud to whatever is there but is there anyway we could test?
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Re: Is there something there?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The house I live in is 110 years old, and has been in the past haunted by a spirit/ spirits. Hasn't happened in years. My understanding is that sometimes these spirits attach themselves to certain objects, Chairs, beds, etc. Or frequent the areas of the house they were most comfortable in. We had a crying girl in the study, which was originally the dining room. She also frequented the upstairs bedrooms, which were originally one, not the 2 they are today. She ceased when my in-laws did some remodeling in the 70's & 80's, which removed some of the original features. I would recommend locating any object(s) that they are attracted or attached to if you wish them gone.Usually these objects radiate energy of some kind that can be detected.
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Re: Is there something there?
Post # 3
First of all a mod should move this, second never tested this but try frowning send or flower or a different powder and look for distortions in the air, that ofcorse is assuming that you dont know how to see entaties, I haven't tryed it cause I will see the entaties eighter way but by not testing this I get to not get yelled at for maiking a mess
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Re: Is there something there?
Post # 4
Oh but some entaties are known to purposely let people see it , I dont do this cause I see them eighter way but you could just ask it to appear to you
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Re: Is there something there?
Post # 5
if your looking to possibly get rid of it.. all you have to do is focus and overwhelm it with your energy.. we are the most power beings that we know of.. everything resembles us as we resemble it.. spread out with your awareness and feel for this energy.. analyze this energy as you will.. show no fear.. what's the worst that could happen? accept the knowledge that your that body is just a physical part of this physical world.. that your mind and energy.. your being.. is like a raging sun everlasting.. you do that and the universe will come to see you for what you truly are..
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