spirit mail bell

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spirit mail bell
Post # 1
I have to spell called spirit mail spell, I write a letter to they still don't want to contact then I believe in offering it says to leave alcohol but I don't have any what do I do with the offering and how long do I need to wait before I burn the letter.
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Re: spirit mail bell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: spirit mail bell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Leave whatever you have for an offering it doesn't have to be alcohol. You burn the paper as soon as your done casting the spell.
Remember you can always change a spell to fit what you need.
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Re: spirit mail bell
Post # 4
Ancient people (the ones that invented Halloween) left offerings of sweets, so to speak on the day when they balived that spirit world (or whatever your soposed to call it) is th closest to this world, and the pumpkin leaving has to come from somewhere, so thats a option, you know sometimes it is best to ask the past aboat the present, so to recep they offered sweets, why because they found them appropriate respectful offerings, so the best thing to use is something that you would want in an offering for yourself, its not aboat what you leav in an offering its aboat it being a respectful offering, its not like their going to eat it anyway, so baisicly anything will do as long as its respectful or thats the way I see it (and apparently many clotures as well, for instance where im from unlike in america where they put the offerings aotside to keep the evil spirits aotside in my culture (not realy anymore, only few do it these days) whee put the offerings inside to welcome the spirits in, and again the offerings consists of foods that whee like and respect as a sign of respect for the spirits)
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