Animal spirit

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Animal spirit
Post # 1
I never did any spell, just read things for the last days, no stop xp .. I try to call my animal spirit today, but i wasnt good sucede, maybe becouse i wasnt much focus.. I was out side my home there was noise etc, i only saw one thing, it look like a giant spider that flashed in my head, after i ask the animal spirit to show himself , becouse i wanted to know more about him and learn with him.. I talked in english , and im portuguese .. does i need to talk english with my animal spirit or i can talk my language?
Some more tips to comunicate with my spirit.. was the spider my spirit?
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Re: Animal spirit
Post # 2

First of all, that is not a way to contact your spirit guides. They will not come to you physically, and you probably wont be able to physically see them. However, you can sense them. The best way to met your spirit guide is through meditation. Also, spirit guides are different when it come to how they communicate, some communicate with symbols, some can speak through telepathy were you ask a question and the reply appears in your head, some might also use feelings and senses to communicate.

As to whether the spider is your spirit guide, only you can know that.

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Re: Animal spirit
Post # 3
I have to sort of disagree. My experience is, animal totems can appear physically to you. Or physically give you a hint of healing you might need. For example: I saw a coyote on a highway ramp yesterday morning. I'm glad I invested in the highest beam headlights you can buy. I saw an animal, and I thought it was a fawn, or a large white cat, and turns out it was a coyote. I had surprises, and somewhat, self sabatoge all day. I needed to have kind of a silly day, just to let life be a lighter than usual. It really made my day seeing that coyote!
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Re: Animal spirit
Post # 4
Okay, thanks all a lot!
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