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Spell Ratings
Post # 1
I have noticed a change in some of my favorite spells, the spell's rating has gone down. And the other spells that are complete rip-offs, got into the top spells. I understand that they don't work for everyone, but is is because you made a mistake? Or is it actually a rip-off? If anyone actually has sock/extra accounts to get one of your rip-offs into the top spells, then that is just wrong. I hvae seen a 5 star rated spell go down to a 3 and a bad spell (in the same section) go to a 5. There are some rude people out there that like to rate to spells a 1 and rate their spells a 5. Yeah so, this is just a thread in case you think that too, or whatever...
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Re: Spell Ratings
Post # 2

The spells under the "Fantasy" and "Trick" spells section will usually be rated down pretty quickly. This is because they do not work, will never work, and as you say are a "rip off."

The reason those spells sometimes reach the top spells list is because it only takes one person to rate a spell 5 stars (if it hasn't been previously rated). So, what will typically happen is someone posts a spell, rates it 5 stars themselves, and it pops up on the top spells list.

I wouldn't say the spells on here are rated according to how well they work for you. Rather, I've seen spells rated for the follow criteria:

  • If the spell has good grammar/spelling, and if it's easy to read
  • If the spell is plagiarized
  • If the spell is said in a language other than English
  • If the spell is fake (vampire, werewolf, telekinesis, etc)
  • If the spell is too short and/or not a spell

Of course, everyone rates spells differently, but that is what I've seen most people take into account when rating spells. Typically if it is a good quality spell, then the ranking system will not backfire. However, the system isn't perfect.

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