Herbal Magic

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Herbal Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Many people have asked me what i mean when i say i practice herbal magic. Herbal magic was a common method used by norse tribes and druids during the roman occupation periods of these territories. Herbal magic is the use of flowers and leaves like lavender and rosemary to make essences or scents which are believed to for example attract a woman or scents and essences which can be used to cleanse a room and maybe even ward off evil spirits which is what it was most commonly used for. One of the main reasons for why herbal magic is used most commonly among shamans is because you are using ingredients from the earth to cast a spell and (if you are religious) the gods (in this case the all father etc.) have made the earth so thusly by using natural ingredients you are in some way amplifying or augmenting your connection with the gods during the casting of the spell. In truth i have decided to utilize this type of magic because my ancestors have spent centuries practicing these old yet sacred traditions. So in the end i have chosen herbal magic because it is tradition and also because i like working with different flowers and herbs. I hope i have answered any questions about this type of magic anyone might have had and i bid you all fair well. - Thank you for your time - Draconius
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Re: Herbal Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello, your ancestors were Norse then? I'm into the Old Norse culture as well, and I'd like to learn something about Herbal Magick as well. Could you perhaps give an example of a herb, and what it's used for?

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Re: Herbal Magic
Post # 3
I love studying all about herbs in their magical and medical aids. This is the first year I am planting my own herbs instead of buying them. Which do you think are the "must have"?
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