Understanding a dream

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Understanding a dream
Post # 1
Ok this is crazy but just wandering if someone could help figure it out. It's kinda weird, but I saw a bridge of the water and a building in the water, which was a mall that was sinking slowly into the ocean or so i was told. then I look down and I have a strawberry like stem growing out of my bid toe, I cut it it off and then start to pull it out and turns out to be a stick about 3-4" long. then in the dream I go to see a Dr who is looking at my hand and grabs my point finger on my right hand, squeezes it and a plant leaf starts to come out, I try to break it off but realize that it turns into a stem. so i pull and it comes out, a plant full roots and all, and it keeps coming back every time its gets squeezed, then the dr squeezes my ring finger on my right hand and it starts to glow a light blue. Then someone yells that I'm cursed, and everything i walk by falls over. Then I go back to where my husband and kids are (not my home now, it was an apartment and living room was all in white) and he's mad at me back shows me a plant garden that he made for me while I was gone (my husband knows I love plants)It was a huge indoor garden and water fountains. not very fancy but it was still is progress.
Crazy I know, But I believe dreams help us see things, remember things or prepares us. I just can't seem to figure this one out. Wondering if anyone might have some idea.
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Re: Understanding a dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That is a crazy dream :)
I believe that when we are seeking answers to questions before we go to sleep, our spirit guides communicate with us. Were you thinking of planting a spring garden before you went to bed?
And sometimes, dreams are just dreams... reflections or snippets of daily activities put into a sequence of strange events that only our subconscious mind can figure out.
Good luck!
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Re: Understanding a dream
Post # 3
Thanks, but no I wasn't thinking of gardening before bed. But I have been thinking about picking up my family and moving far away and starting over. Someone told me it's just my fear of the thought. You know, lifting up your roots. she said that is where the plants come from and light was my hope for a better life somewhere new. So far this is all I've gotten. Kinda sounds good. lols
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Re: Understanding a dream
Post # 4
That makes sense...your analysis. How does your husband feel about moving? Or are you worried he may not be happy about it and isn't saying?
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