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please help
Post # 1
Last night i experianced something heavy brushing against the top of my head, and at first i honestly thought it was just me, just being a bit paranoid. Or because i was on my own my senses were hightened. However then a couple of minuites later i felt a presence behind me. It did not feel happy, and it made me feel seriously uncomfortable and if im honest very creeped out. It was looking back, kind of heavy. So i called upon my God and Goddess, aswell as my guardian angel and it started to ease, and after a couple of minuites disappeared. Could anyone think of what it might be? Or something simple i could do to make it stop coming into contact with me? I need to go in the room, and am often alone in there, and right now i don't want to be alone in there. Please if anyone could help me i would be very grateful. Thankyou.
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Re: please help
Post # 2
P.S sorry its in the wrong forum, did not see which one. Sorry.
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Re: please help
Post # 3
Try cleansing the room. I know there are lots of rituals and rites out there for you to use. One thing you can try is forcing your dominance over it. Tell it that this is your space and you don't want it there and it is never aloud back. Don't let fear control you. Instead use it like you would a sward to destroy your enimys. If you feel you cant do it alone, ask a friend or trusted person to help you. Remember, you are alive and thus have more power in this plane of egsistance that it dose.
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Re: please help
Post # 4
Don't be scared. Relax the whole idea and open yourself to new experience. There is no need for entity labels and rituals, its your choice. Remember, nothing can hurt you even if it seems like something can its all an illusion. So, again, relax. Only enemy you really have when dealing with this stuff is your own resistance and interference, learn to let go and allow. So experiment but relax and please don't believe all the nonsense on the internet - take it from someone who has seen every corner of the internet and all types of people that lurk there! If it makes you feel better to do some ritual then do it but don't be dependent on it forever. Build your own core power and confidence!
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