Chasing the Tail of Dogma

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Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 1

There's this strange sensation that goes through most of us, and it happens every couple days or so. For some of us it happens more often than for others, but the sensation remains the same, the same root, just in varying degrees. It's the sensation of, "Well ... I don't really know much of anything about my existence, do I? I'm a human on this anthill of evolution, and we're all just pretending to know what we're doing."

The funny part is there is a huge number of people who've convinced themselves they do know what they're doing, that not only do they have their own lives figures out but that they have the afterlives lined up like ducks in a row. And maybe all their spiritual assumptions are right, maybe their deities are the ones that exist and yours are the ones that don't. Who knows. I just shrug my shoulders at that one.

But I want to pose my own question. Why waste time with this dogma just because you can't answer a few questions about life?

There's no real definite answer for our purpose here. People will argue this and that, but really, your purpose is what you make of it.

There's no real definite answer to how we got here. People will argue this and that, but really, we're some primordial goo that somehow evolved. Through chance or not, that's also your opinion.

There's no real definite answer to deities, spirit work, the elements, your 'path', and all these ridiculous titles we lend to one another so we can feel safe. Let go of your titles if you want to be free. You're a soul, how amazing is that? Why, then do you desire these answers like who/what made you, where you came from and where you're going? It's just intellectual rabble, and although I admit it's fun to dabble in assumptions, there's a certain extent, and beyond that extent is just a chaotic dellusion of assuming on assumptions.

What I've discovered most recently is that people will give answers to questions that scare them on a deep, subconsicous or even conscious level.

Questions like: "Who made all this? Why are we here?"
The answer most of us were taught? "God/gods."

Faith is a wonderful thing, people braver than I can hold onto faith, but I can't.

Here's an answer. You're a soul, you're constantly evolving, learning, and growing. What else do you need?

I urge you to explore what excites you, what really resonates with you. Opening your third eye, clearing out the dust, and stopping on the trail of dogma to go towards a place of enlightenment and understanding that is your own and solely your own.

Understand this: You know just as much about life as anyone else, in the sense that we all have a collective, intrinsic wisdom in us waiting to be tapped, and you don't need a title, or any sort of measure of merit to prove it.

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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 2
3d eye by tool.
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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
By: / Novice
Post # 3

You do realize that what you've stated is a part of New Age dogma, correct?

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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 4
I agree that a title does not make one any more knowledgeable than anyone else. It is learning and being open minded that does that. Just because one person has not experience something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, nor does it mean that the person who says they have experienced it is crazy or role playing or any other derogative term that I have heard people spew. Our beliefs are our realities, and no one has the right to degrade them just because it is not something that they believe.
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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 5

How can you be certain of the certainty that we are all uncertain? How do you know the existence of the third eye? How do you know by opening it we will see the "truth"? How are you sure there is only one truth? How are you sure there is a path to enlightenment? How do you know that personal truths never cross? How do you know if this is true for all people and not just yourself? Why are you presenting this as "truth"? What did I have for breakfast this morning? So what is your problem with people taking titles? What is your problem with people being involved in a practice with dogma? Why should I waste my time on this dogma? If you believe in the third eye, why should I believe in the third eye? How do you know there is a collective wisdom? How do you know we can tap it? Why should I believe anything you say? What color are my eyes?

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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 6

I do not know what you had for breakfast, Voo. Perhaps one day I'll open my third eye and realize ALL of your breakfast needs. And if I could be a god, that would also be preferable. But you know, I'm just a dreamer (and I'm not the only one.)

The point of terms like 'third eye' and 'enlightenment' are meant to do the exact opposite than convey a specific image. They are metaphors, analogies, a feeble attempt of one human to illustrate a state of being to another. And how else can you illustrate something other than feel the experience itself? Words do not do what this horribly ambiguous term 'spirituality' or 'third eye' suggests.

It's interesting that I was confronted with questions as if to point out that I claim to know everything, when it reality I'm stating the opposite. I'm certain of the idea that our spirituality is as unique to one person as it is to the next, that's it. I'm urging individualism, self-exploration, and expressing oneself in an entirely different manner than another.

You may go somewhere other people have not. That is all I am suggesting.

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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 7
Nice piece Josh! :) I actually read to the end of it. I love the message it conveys.

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Re: Chasing the Tail of Dogma
Post # 8
Dude planty of people here including me here have opened their third eye, its nothing special
the meaning of life is life itself... as I see it anyway, whee are hear just to be here, who cares who or what made us, what matters is what we make of it
and F.Y.I. All diaties exist even know not all (and not most) tales of them are true, but all diaties are entaties, perhaps whe made them, perhaps they existed before us, but what makes them powerful is all the power whe give to them by balive
and maybe next time just wright the short version
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