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Post # 1
Hello. New account. Not new to the site or majick. To whom it may concern: please stop gagging my accounts simply because you can tell who i am by what i say. I have just as much of a right as you to be here, have an account, and speak my opinion. Even if its different than yours. This is a public forum. Not a private article. I would feel no need to defend myself or others if you would stop attacking members.
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Re: Diligent
Post # 2
Actually, no. You do not have any right to be on this site. Being on this site is like being in the Moderators' home, you are allowed in as a privilege. And if they feel you are not following the rules, they can kick you out of their house.

Now, you do have the right to make your own website with your own rules and say whatever you want there. I have my own site where I post stuff I know the moderators here would not appreciate. But when I am here, I abide by the rules because this is not my house.

And when it comes to defending other posters, why? They know the rules as much as you do. It's their own fault for breaking them. Yes, sometimes its a misunderstanding, but I have had misunderstandings with the mods too. I just create a new account and move on. So chill out. Ride the wind and follow the surf.
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Re: Diligent
Post # 3
Moderators are willing to discuss and debate like anybody but if it breaks Spells of Magics Terms Of Service they usually issue a warning then gag. I speak my mind but do so respectfully. Which is wise considering I am oft times wrong and learn from it instead of getting gagged. You make it sound as if someone is out to get you but by this post you seem to be looking for a fight.
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Re: Diligent
Post # 4
Diligent the moderators of this site are very knowledgeable and professional, they have been on this site for many years and know the rules and how this site works fairly well. They do not gag members for no reason, who must have broken a rule of this site. Whether if there was something on your profile, forums, chat or anything else. There has to be a reason. However if you are going to post things like this then you don't need to be on this site, you do not own this site which means you can not do whatever you want. You must live by the rules of this site. Otherwise you will continue getting your accounts gagged in which no one is at fault but yourself. If you still don't stop then a IP ban can occur. So please live by the rules and respect everyone on this site and you will not be gagged.
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Re: Diligent
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
This not a public forum.It is a Spells Of Magic forum, and only members can post on it. And,just like any other site,it has rules of behaviour. Obey the rules, and you'll be fine.Don't, and you will be gagged.
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