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Post # 1
Alight, I have been looking for information on Hecate. Can anyone help? I have been wondering about her for a bit now.
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Re: Hecate
Post # 2

As far as I know, the people I've talked to who have studied on her and Greek mythology to an extent say that she is a Titaness. She doesn't like humans/witches. She is not the "Triple goddess of magic and witchcraft" that you see a lot of people callin her nowadays.

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Re: Hecate
Post # 3
Hmm, that's new. I have read some things on her from greek mythology, and said the opposite.
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Re: Hecate
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Hecate is the Roman spelling of Hekate, and to all we know is either pronounced Eh-ka-te or Heck-Ate or even He-Ka-Tee.

In the Roman story the Aniead she is said as the Goddess of Witchcraft remember this is Religio Romana where some of the base ideas are Similar when in fact they are not despite the fact quite a few authors on books of Mythology say the Religio Romana is the Exact identical to the Grecian counter part which is true.

Hekate the Greek Titaness is a the Patron of the Crossroads in Hades, Sending the departed to their correct places whether it be the Pits of tartoros or Elysium etc Remember due to the different ages of the civilizations in question their are a few Confusions in terminology.

In addition to her Patronage in Hades, some people confuse her as the Goddess of the Underworld/Queen of the Underworld which is false since by how hierarchies in truth Persephone is the "Queen of the Underworld". Her other roles is a Patron of Midwives, Childbirth and PROTECTION FROM WITCHCRAFT which is the huge misunderstandings between Religio Romana and Greek Mythology.
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Re: Hecate
Post # 5
Thank you Klarion, That answers alot. :)
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Re: Hecate
Post # 6
According to Greek mythology (primarily Hesiod's THEOGONY), Hekate was born of the Titans and was considered a Titan herself, but in the war, she sided with Zeus and the gods against the Titans. As such, Zeus allowed her to retain her full powers over land, sea, and sky.

In Homeric Hymn #2 (Hymn to Demeter), we are shown that Hekate is a young maiden, not the crone that later demonization of the gods turned her into. She is a friend of Persephone's and actually guides Persephone as she makes her journeys to and from the land of Hades. Hekate carries two torches, making her "the light in the darkness" that moves from world to world. In addition, she is Persephone's proxy queen during the time that Persephone is in the upper world.

In ancient Greece, Hekate was one of the most popular deities in daily folk practice. As the guardian of thresholds and passages of all sorts, she had a shrine or at least an iconic representation in almost every home. While she is known as a goddess of magic, most call upon to protect them from dark magic or bad luck.

She is not ill-disposed toward humans at all, but does tend to keep herself somewhat distant, even from those who are devoted to her. She helps her followers, but only after they have done all they can on their own and have shown that they are making the strongest effort they can.
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