Whispering Spirits.

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Whispering Spirits.
Post # 1
Each night when I'm ready to sleep or I'm meditating, I hear these strange whispers. Sometimes it's alot of them speaking at the same time then I can't pick up what they're saying. I try listening to them. There was a lot of freaky things they were talking about. As for as I remember, one said, 'Time is mercy.' The other said, 'Help me.' It's all I could possibly pick up. I want to hear from you if you have any idea what this is or what this connects to. And no I haven't being invoking spirits.
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Re: Whispering Spirits.
Post # 2
I find herring spirits an interesting subject. If they are saying 'Time is Mercy' and 'help me' maybe there's somthing going on.

Remember there are different demension a and demension frequensies in a demension. 'Time is Mercy' and the other said 'help me.' Almost sounds like... One needs help.

Have you tryed meditating to see what is going on?

Be careful. Peace love and light.
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Re: Whispering Spirits.
Post # 3
they're lost spirits, the phenomenon you described is called clairaudience, I have it too. One sounds like it is lamenting its fate and saying 'time is mercy' telling you to use your time wisely. The other obviously wants help. The reason why they are drawn to you is because you can hear them and you may even be a natural healer. One could simply banish them, but I personally think that that is immoral to keep them in the dark. I would either use the Michael invocation, you can find it on google, or tell the spirits to call on teir angels to take them to a place of healing.
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Re: Whispering Spirits.
Post # 4
I know exactly what you're talking about.
In other spiritual planes, spirits/ghosts often go unheard of by humans. They're quite often shaken off and ignored, and when someone shows signs of noticing them, they will take advantage of it.
At the age of 9 I was a budding medium, and this is how spirits showed themselves to me after I started noticing them flitting around.
This is old at by now, as I'm full clairaudient/clairvoyant/claircognizant/whatever else. Usually spirits will come asking for help, and if you sense they are harmless or are not trying to interfere, you may help them move on "into the light" as I've done before. It's as simple as telling them it's safe to move on and you will protect them, then visualize a white portal opening up and the spirits departing into it. Then you can seal the portal shut and the spirit should be gone.
Other times the spirits will ask for help by just asking for clarification, asking you to help them find a family member, etc. It's okay that they're talking to you, it doesn't mean you've invoked something or drawn something toward you, they just noticed that you're different and they are embracing your power.

Best wishes
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Re: Whispering Spirits.
Post # 5
I chain smoke to tune this out as I thought it was a bad thing. I only heard it when I was laying down so I figured it was due to head injury. Good to know it is a spirit thing and I am not as insane as I thought I was. :-)
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