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Post # 1
So for the past 4 or so months I've had a repetitive nightmare. Every night since around Thanksgiving 2013 I've had a nightmare of my ex boyfriend dying. When I first started having them, we were still dating, and it frightened me a lot because they were so vivid and I could hardly tell if they were real or not. I'd have to look at my phone and text him to make sure he was alive every morning. Now that we've broken up, I don't even know if he's alive or not until I see him at school, around the end of the day. I guess I should tell you about my dream, eh?

Usually I wake up in my mother's bed(She has a heated mattress so I usually sleep in there in the winter) and I sit up. I have a feeling of dread and feel very worried. My mother looks at me from the foot of the bed and tells me, "Morgan, he committed suicide. Matt is dead, hon." I shake my head and start sobbing, refusing to believe what she said. I feel like my soul is ripped out and torn into pieces. I always wake up screaming and crying. Apparently I call out his name in my sleep and cry as well. It tears me apart, because I know there's a possibility that it is true. He's always struggled with suicidal thoughts, so it makes everything 10 times more real feeling.

Thank you, and many Blessings,
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Re: Nightmare
Post # 2
Dream interpretations vary on who you talk to. One ideology is that dreams are the minds way of working out the days stresses and nightmares more so. There would seem to be daily worry about the guy because of a suicidal nature in him. Thus nightmares about his suicide.
Another ideology is that everything in dreams means something, usually not what you think and books about what each thing means vary by who wrote it. I no longer have my books so I can not translate it.
Also I remember something about dreams in color may be the astral plane whereas black and white dreams are any number of listed things.
Yet a third ideology is that dreaming is a peek into possibilities past, present and future. You may be dreaming the inevitable conclusion of him.
My Opinion: You need to stop worrying about him and start focussing on yourself and these nightmares will stop. It is just one opinion though.
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Re: Nightmare
Post # 3
I guess I'll try to stop worrying. It's just hard to quit an old habit of watching out for him for years.

Thank you for responding :)
Blessed be.
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Re: Nightmare
Post # 4
You are quite welcome. Peace, David
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