past lives

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past lives
Post # 1
So since childhood when in the city of my grandparents hause I have memorys that seam a lifetime back, like im someplace in town and think wait didn't hear used to be (name of something that I think that whas soposed to be there) (but like at the edge of memory) so one day I decidet to try to find some of my past lives, now the others are quite fuzy and with almost no details, but im prety shour that one of them (aboat 1000 yers back whas where I live now, so my question is that since im prety shour that living in the same place 2 lifetimes (and I think that in the row) is not common so what could cause my spirit to seak aot that specific location (B.T.W. it used to be a holy place for baltic people back then (actualy just aroand that city there are 3)
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Re: past lives
By: / Novice
Post # 2
your timeline seems a bit off, if you mean the same house i doubt it would be 1000 years [maybe 100 years] if you mean the same town 1000 years ago i would give it a pass. many Wiccans believe we are reborn near our loved ones so a beloved cat could be reborn as our child, or a friend could be reborn as a new pet. [examples] no one knows for certain what happens after death so it's up for debate. i doubt it's impossible to be born in the same location, but either way, it's this life that's important. if you keep having flashes of the past, it could be a warning. meditate on it further, maybe do some skrying, but focus on this life.
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Re: past lives
Post # 3
I mean the same city, and I have had tos flashes since my earliest memories, actualy the flashes (not what they show but where they where) and my hose is there for 500 years (not all of it but the garage and a small part underground which actualy no-one is shour how big it is, it used to be a barons sellers (there realy is no appropriate word in english for the second word) it is a small town with a history as rich as a american state (but fore some reason they dont teach aboat it but and most of it is in fragments thro aot unrelated books
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Re: past lives
Post # 4
I had the same problem with my past life I was a woman witch named violet.
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Re: past lives
Post # 5
I wish you luck.
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