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seeking love spell
Post # 1
I am seeking a love spell I can do on myself to help me connect with a wonderful man who loves me dearly. I have fallen in and out of love with him over the 12 years he's been in my life and every time I fall back in love, I am happy. I have been going over all the nice times we've had in my head, trying to psych myself back into it. The problem is me, not him, believe me. I've had this happen with former lovers, only to break up and later regret it. I don't want this to happen to us. Is there a spell to help me fall in love?
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Re: seeking love spell
Post # 2
Um.. No...

Not to be cruel and mean (I am a cruel & mean person, kinda like it too, but not in this case).

The problem is not lack of love. The love is there. So a love spell is just not going to work. Commitment issues, most likely, fear of rejection (big potential for it) But lack of love? No deary, that is not the problem.

You have issues - mental/emotional issues which need to be resolved. These stand in your way, and you need to deal with them, work on them and figure out why they are there and then try to fit that into your world experience and try to see what the lessons were you learned by living a life with those issues.

Yes I know its hurtful confusing, and comes at such a seemingly high price, however if everyone used magic to get rid of all of those things they thought of as being bad they would all be pretty nasty human beings.

It is the negatives in our life that usually make us better as human beings. It is the learning to cope, to deal, to overcome our shortcomings, to learn about ourselves and why we are the way we are, feel what we feel, think what we think that is the whole point of life.

I know this has been a struggle, if you cannot do it on your own a head shrinker (therapist) is what you need more than any old spell that denies you so much by forcing you to not over come that which holds you back.

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Re: seeking love spell
Post # 3
Get yourself a nice rose quartz pendant and lavender sachet with a few drops of lavender oil on it to carry around in your pocket to promote feelings of love. Remember, you get back what you put out by 3.
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