selling your soul

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selling your soul
Post # 1
So I have noticed that every once a while there pops up a question on how to sell ones soul, whell I figured to save some time and point aot that it is not posible, this is something made up by the church, and advertised by the movies, but this is not posible, selling the soul is originally as a sort of a warning in metaphor, it sort of means to do something in exchange for a favor, and than a nother and then a nathor, baisicly becoming a slave, or giving someone discriminating information aboat you with which they can black male you, but in literal terms selling your soul is not a thing

Re: selling your soul
Post # 2
Demons actually make these pathetic deals all the time unfortunately Demons can take one's soul so can other entities it's all a matter of visualization and you can tell how much soul you've lost via how well you visualize things and how conscious you are there are even some realms within the astral known as hell dimensions which a soul can be trapped and perish there if you lose your soul you unfortunately don't have much time left physically(death will be soon) unless you learn to drain souls from others or at least fragments this information is based upon friends and my own personal experiences Namaste and good luck with your soul.

Re: selling your soul
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I believe that your soul does not exactly belong to you to sell it.You are borrowing it at first place.No spiritual being can own your soul against your will.And they can not exactly own it either entirely.It is rather as sharing.We share things between ourselves the Creator and the Universe.What occurs is people might loose parts of their soul via trauma or they loved someone so much they gave part of it to this being or person.This is not exactly conscious process ,whatsoever.It is not like I decide today that parts of my soul belongs to another being or another person.It is something that occurs subconsciously when certain strong emotions arise and take over.I like to think of the souls as small lights belonging to a massive light that divided at some point to begin somewhat separate existence,but in way everything is still connected.

Re: selling your soul
Post # 4
I highly doubt that anyone of worth will choose to sell their soul willingly. That said I'm sure it's possible and also a bad idea. I'd imagine selling one's soul is akin to agreeing to be a spiritual slave. In effect you get out of the reincarnation thing, or where-ever souls go after death and you end up belonging to whatever entity you sold your soul to... I think it's like selling a future in a stock market except you can't buy it back... or you sell the right to your freedom and consciousness after you die (leave your body). Is it possible to live in a soul-less body? Not sure.

Re: selling your soul
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
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Re: selling your soul
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
My own opinion is that if anyone is stupid enough to try and sell their soul they get whatever is coming to them. You know it will not be good. haha Fools!

Re: selling your soul
Post # 7
Hey so I'm new to magic but the topic of selling your soul is a subject that I have been researching for about two years and attempting to do with no success. I know full well the consequences and in my desperate situation not even God has helped me so please if anyone can give me a spell or ritual and what I need and how to do them it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: selling your soul
Post # 8
It is impossible to sell something you don't own yourself.

Selling one's soul, bargaining it, etc. is not possible. What more often happens is that you became enslaved by a particular spirit that you made this contract with, but it's no a binding agreement. You have to misunderstand how a soul works to make this mistake, and for thousands of years we've made this mistake.

It is possible to break off free energy from aura and use it to initiate certain things, but it is no longer part of you at that point. The only beings who have some kind of control of souls are the deities themselves or one deity, if you happen to believe that all gods are part of a larger beings and this control only extends to their children, be they demi-gods or mortal souls born from gods.

Re: selling your soul
Post # 9
Okay guys, to clear things up: it Is possible. And I disagree, soul is not something that you do not own. Soul is You, You the unique You! It's your whole past life, actions and personas, it is your now persona and who you will be in future. Your soul is You, it's Your consiousness. You are a consiousness. You just have to realize that, it's amazing! Soul=consiosuness, and consiousness is in the brain. We can say "your soul" (essentially you) is reading this part, or your consiousness. Your soul is no different than you; your soul is you.

This particularly is not made up by church... And also, as some have claimed, it does not involve you in slavegy after death. I agree however, to the fact that Demons cannot take your soul without your will. That's why they ask afterall, if they could take it we would all be gone...

Demons are consiousnesses or souls; these souls are consisted of energy; if they get more energy they get more powerful; a soul is a massive amount of energy together... Demons are looking to get powerful. When you say "I give you my soul" it's like "Do Anything you want to me." If you do that, you will even cease to exist after death. Your soul may be devoured by the Demon. And why's that?..because if a Demon ate your soul it would get him, Extremely, Extremely more powerful; he would have Extremely High amount of energy now.

A destruction of your soul, is the worst thing that could happen to you. If you cease to exsit after-life, you Die. You have a True Death-that, is The Death. And your soul/you, can never be remade. So think about it carefully. Does it really worth it, do that? No matter how much you suffer...

On the other hand, no Demon is able to devour a whole soul alone, due to the fact the amount of energy is so high that his soul would get destroyed. But they can get pieces of it. They get pieces of your soul; pieces of your energy; because energy is you/your soul. We could say that if you give all pieces away, then you will die. But Not Even A p Piece, is wroth it for the entity...

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