A strange dream

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A strange dream
Post # 1
Hello this is a dream that I had a few years ago that I would like to talk about
While in a dream there were lots of people around neon a field then out of nowhere a huge wave of water came and everyone panicked as the wave came down towards me I was carried on-top of the water it was like I was sitting on top of it but everyone else were pulled under sorry if this isn't very detailed I had it a very long time ago and I dot remember it all okay anyway after the water level lowered a bit I saw just many dead body's under the water it seemed like everyone had died . But i jumped into the water and got freaked out by the. Bodies and closed my eyes all of a sudden i was out of the water when I Opened my eyes there was this blond guy carrying me I felt safe with him so I stayed quiet all of a sudden he was carrying me up a path to a very gothic locking dark cloudy castle and when we entered there where these beings with the heads of flys which really freaked me out I thought they were going to hurt me but he told them not to come near me something like don't come near me because I was afraid I guess he was the master of the castle and they were his servants he then carried me to his room and he had sex with me . After that it kind of gets hazy so I'll stop there also in many of my dreams if not all I have been very connected to the elements and am able to influence them but I am more connected and feel most comfortable with the water element for example sometimes I am attacked in my dreams an one time i called forth a dragon from a lake it was made of water and it protected me I have also called 3 giant water serpents from a fountain when I was being harassed by 3 beings that we're wearing the skins of people close to me .
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Re: A strange dream
Post # 2
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Re: A strange dream
Post # 3
Some of this may relate to you in some way, but there is a chance that your mind just forged a dream and made parts up
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