Attacked in a dream

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Attacked in a dream
Post # 1
Hello all I just wanted to share a dream that I had a while ago i have been wanting to share with someone well I was having a normal dreaming where you aren't aware that it's a dream and I climbed a tree with pink blossoms on it there. Once I was in the tree I soon realised that I was dreaming and so I walked down one of the branches to the ground there were people behind me so I went down into an ally because I didn't want to be disturbed because I wanted to try and astral project from my dream l . As I walks down into the ally which was a crossroad everything was covered in snow it came out of nowhere I tried to astral
Project telling myself to leave my dream and astral project but nothing happened so instead I calls for my spirit guide and my guardian angel then a fluffy ginger cat appears on a dumpster and jumped onto the snow I bent Down to pet it and the. Everything was white nothing but me the cat and whiteness as soon as I touched the cat it jumped at me if anyone here has seen the harry potter movie when they teleport and become like a thin kind of gas like thing that's what happen and the cat jumped on me and it didn't not feel good at all it started to try and fuse with me I was fighting to keep it out it was like some an energy that did not feel god at all forcefully trying to enter me but I did not allow it I made my self wake up as I am able to do that even when I am not aware it is a dream and it was over
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Re: Attacked in a dream
Post # 2
I was once In the same situation when I went to bed with no wounds and in my dream I was forced to fight demons to survive! I won and woke up but when I did I had claw marks on my body! my suggestion (mind you I don't have much experience so don't take my word for it!) is to do a severe negative energy cleansing then put spiritual protection s all over and around your bed and then check on types of demons and see if you can find a way to combat that cat if it becomes a problem!
hope this helps!!!!
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Re: Attacked in a dream
Post # 3
i have had same kind of situations but that doesent only appeal in dreams that i get attacked.
it does also concern this time and place.
sometimes i get unusual scratches what i cant explain really.
but im sure that it has something to do with demons or anyhting hostile there is. (tough i have got so used to all kind of that type activity that i dont really even consider that type of dreams as nightmares or anything like that since this has been going on for years :) )
but for you i do consider that you do negative energy cleansing and protection (maybe even try to bless your room/home).
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Re: Attacked in a dream
Post # 4
A few days ago when I was laying on my bed listening to music I felt a tingling sensation on the side of my rib cage and when I look there were four scratches in a row with another going through them like this / kind of like a five I too have some disturbing dreams where things are trying to attack me but when I don't real any fear they lose power over me and can't do anything I can also attack them back so I'm fine it's just that this particular dream was weird because I wend from a normal dream to a lucid dream this has happend before but the cat thin hasn't that's why I was concerns especially becAuse I was calling for my guardian angel and spirit guide but instead ended up being attacked
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Re: Attacked in a dream
Post # 5
Since im a psychic, this happened in my science class. I saw visions of myself hemorrhaging on the hand. When I got home, I was cooking and the knife stabbed me in the hand. I went to get my bandage quickly. I was too dizzy to do other stuff so i just fell asleep where I got the bandage.
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