Reoccurring Dream

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Reoccurring Dream
Post # 1

I have been having a dream repeatedly since I was around the age of five; I am now just a couple months away from being 18 years old.

In this dream, I see myself as I am now wearing clothes simimlar to what I wear all the time now; I always have. I am with my mother and she had just left the man the she is with (who I am guessing is my step father now... They are having difficulties.) and I am helping her move into this apartment. But whenever I see this apartment in my dreams, my stomach goes to knots. I feel it in my sleep so powerfully I feel as if I will vomit.

(Still in the dream) I beg my mom to not move into this apartment. I'm practically sobbing; somethinig just feels so wrong about this place. She tells me that I am talking nonsense and that I have nothing to fear because she is a grown woman that can handle herself. So, I stop crying and piece myself together so I can help my mom bring her things in. We are walking up a steep flight of stairs, and on the fourth one up (closer to the bottom) I hear a creak. Then I start to hear voices everywhere. I drop what I'm carrying (a bag of books) and run back to the car before my mom starts to go up, begging her once again not to move into this place.

That is when I wake up, and at the very last moment before I wake up with the urge to scream, there is some thing dark and almsot demon like reflecting in her eyes.

if some one can help me analyze this, it would be much appreciated. Its happening more and more and I'm nerve wrecked. I can't focus on anything; it even flashes to me when I'm awake now.

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Re: Reoccurring Dream
Post # 2

It might be helpful to add that I have meditated over this dream SEVERAL times, but I don't find any answers. I feel too sick and scared to focus at just the thought of this dream.

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