Help?!?! :p

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Help?!?! :p
Post # 1
i just recently went through a phase and im afraid that i might have lost my magick ability NONE of my spells are working no matter what! i mean is it possible to lose you magickal ability?? Can i get it back?? im worried about losing the one thing i love doing and makes me special :( please help!!

thank you in advance
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Re: Help?!?! :p
Post # 2

Firstly, there is nothing like gaining and losing your magickal abilities. Everyone has abilities to perform magick. Only thing is some people develop it better than others. As for your problem, you should be aware that you are not trying to cast any spell which has no chance of being successful (for example, spell that turn you into a mermaid). Also, there are various other factors as to why a spell wasn't successful. What you basically do in a spell is send your energy out into the space with a specific cause and intent. You might not be putting your full focus and concentration on the spells or maybe you have no need of casting the spells actually. Keep in mind, spells aren't meant for enjoyment and showing people that you can do something what others can't. Magick is used as a last resort when you have got no other way out.

Well still, i would suggest you start from the basics once again and slowly move up the ladder till you are able to cast spells again.

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Re: Help?!?! :p
Post # 3
I disagree with a few of those statements in the above post, as they are more personal view/morals, and it does not reflect all of magic as a whole nor everyone's thoughts when doing a spell.

There are many reasons why certain spells will not work. As the previous poster stated, it can be because what is being done can not happen. There could be a block in the way that needs to be cleared. The amount of energy needed to make it happen may not be sufficient. Your own confidence level is possibly not its best. You are not allowing enough time for the intent to come into being. The spell itself may not be well constructed. Sit down, breathe, and take the time to figure out the reason.

Also as the previous poster commented, there is no losing your ability to practice magic. It's not something that can be taken from you.

Take some time to recollect yourself, do a cleansing and take a breathe.
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Re: Help?!?! :p
Post # 4

A good way to unblock your powers is with a meditation/pendulum exercise that helps you to focus on your intent.. ^.^ I made one up that works wonders, and you can also use it on your chakras. If you want it, feel free to message me.

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Re: Help?!?! :p
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
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Re: Help?!?! :p
Post # 6
Maybe someone cast a binding spell on you. Have you tried bathing in sea salt, passing yourself through sage smoke and wearing a protection amulet? Or doing a generic cut the cord spell? Or both in the reverse order? There are hoodoo/voodoo and christian witch methods that i know of as well. Mail me if your interested.
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