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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Christianity?

Post # 1
I'm writing a paper on the similarities and differences between Christianity and the Wiccan religion and I would love some input!
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Re: Christianity?
Post # 2
I did a similar project, but on Christianity and Paganism as a whole, not just Wicca:
Prayer, Singing, Bread & Wine
Baptism, Wedding
Lent; Easter; Advent; Christmas; various feasts
Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Prayer, Singing, Bread & Wine
Initiation, Handfasting
equinox & solstice festiavls
Wiccan Rede: If it harms none, do what you will.
hope this helps :D Blessed Be!

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Re: Christianity?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Similarities? Differences?
Christians believe that a man called Jesus was God. Wiccans do not! What else is there?
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Re: Christianity?
Post # 4
Well, lasse. There's a lot of similarities between the christian compendium and the pagan one, just for a bite, look at the story of Jesus: born from a virgin, start to preach at early age, died at 33 years old, crucified and came back afer three days. Quess what?
Horus (egipitian deity) - same story
Mithra - Same story
Dionisius - same story
Krishna - same freacking story.
But this is justified. All born in 25 december, with the same life history, you know why? The sun. All of those religions saluted and adored the sun as a God, and so the messiah story is also a metaphor to the process that happens at this time: when the solstice begins, the sun will seem to be slowly descend to est, and the three Kings, aka Orion's belt, get in a perfect alignament with Alpha sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, and that alignament point exactly to where the sun rise, therefore, "the three kings followed the star to salute the birth of the messiah". Not long after, the longer nights process start, and tge sun will appear to be slowly getting to the east, and when the winter solstice beguins, the sun will suddenly stop that "movement" and during three days, will stay in the same place at the sky, right under the Crucis constelation therefore the "crucification", and after those three days the sun will start the movement again, but for the west direction, ocasioning longer days. And with all that, the easter is just celebrated in march because of the spring equinoce, when the winter ends and "life will come to the dead earth".
Hope this is helpful.
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Re: Christianity?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
there is no heaven, hell, God/Jesus/Holy ghost, Mary, and there is definatly no devil. there is no all powerful evil being in Wicca.

Christians believe there's is the one true path and should try to spread that word. Wiccan's do not. they will answer questions, but they are taught the right path is the path that speaks to you. [you are also not born a Wiccan, you may have Wiccan parents, but when you get older, you choose yourself]

Wiccans believe in reincarnation and karma, Christians believe in reward and punishment when you die [or if God feels like testing you]

Wiccans believe the divine is within us all and we can speak directly to the divine. Christians feel you must got through a priest or other representative of God.

similarities would be the holidays. Imbolc is a festival of lights, it is a time for re-dedication and cleansing. Christianity has Candlemas which is the same thing, only fewer Christians celebrate it [see Groundhog Day a.k.a. the dumbest day of the year] Ostara which is pagan Easter on the first day of spring [the eggs, chocolates, colours are all the same as Easter] Samhain and All Hallows Eve when the dead roam the earth [As with Ostara the decorations are much the same] and of course Yule and Christmas are pretty much the same. Wiccans see it as the birth of the God/sun where as Christians see it as the birth of Jesus. as with above, the celebration and decoration are the same. the reason the holidays share such similarities, is because when Christians were converting Pagans, they borrowed heavily from their traditions to make conversion easier. those who refused were killed.

another similarity is 'the golden rule' for Christians its 'do unto others as you would want them do unto you' and wicca it's 'as in harm none do as ye wilt' they both mean very much the same thing; don't hurt each other. Wicca takes it one step further, some people will become vegan, and avoid things like tattoo's, alcohol, drugs, smoking, even piercings as this would, in some way, harm a living person.

and of course you have everything listed in the above post. i suggest you stress the key differences, specifically the part that there is no devil in Wicca and doing any form of harm to another living being is strictly forbidden.
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Re: Christianity?
Post # 6
Thanks everyone you've helped a lot! I'm still a little stuck but I've got it mostly done. Blessed be!
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