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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Tulpa

Post # 1
i just wondered is it possible to make one/have one.
and how does the creation happens?
and can it be as same as spiritual guide?
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Re: Tulpa
Post # 2
Hey, lasse, how have you been?
Well, dear, Tulpas are a part of Slavic traditions (if i'm not wrong) and can have any shape, form or behaviour one would like. You could call it a Homunculus, if pleases.
I don't have many details about the process to create tulpas, but has something to do with lots of concentration, intent, visualization and sheer luck. You can create a tulpa that looks like almost anything (please don't ask me about tulpas in a draconic shape, I really don't know and i'm not an expert) but they tend to be violent and nigh-impossible to control, and carry a loath so great of their own existence that will murder the one who created them in the first oportunity.
And no, by haven's sake. Tulpas are not spiritual guides, in any form. They could be described better as a Homunculus that got sentient and perceptive and soon learn that itself does not exist for no matter how real they are, therefore leading to a violent and murderous behaviour.
Hope it had been useful.
May the Storm guard you.
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Re: Tulpa
Post # 3
Tulpas take a lot of concentration to make and are from Tibetan Buddhist traditions. You can find videos and stuff telling you how to make them.
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Re: Tulpa
Post # 4
im kinda thinking that it is bit same like doing the spirit guide meditation but that you try to visualize the tulpa and its all shapes (how does it look like) and personalities (charasteristics and facial emotions, walking styles and other things).
so thats the impression what i could get when reading some information bout creating one.
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Re: Tulpa
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Tulpas are not part of the Slavic traditions ,they are related with Buddhism.They are not guides ,rather they are created to do certain tasks for you as long as you can control them.Since in Buddhism a lot of meditation is employed I would have guessed that some vigorous meditation is required.Monks spend hours upon hours in meditation ,nothing like our regularly recommended 15 minutes per day.Most people struggle immensely to meditate half an hour let alone half day.
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Re: Tulpa
Post # 6
Oh, well. Sorry, there was quite a time without telling anyone about this stories and myths and traditions that got my head all mixed up. It was, of course, my fault for not looking before posting, and for that I say that I am sorry.
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Re: Tulpa
Post # 7
thanks for the information :)
i think im ready to begin my journey with creating Tulpa.
i can meditate more than just 30 minutes, last time i think i did spent some like 3 hours just meditating :D
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